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Learn About Ways to Check Your VIN

VIN Lookup resources

VIN Lookup

VIN lookups help you check a VIN number against vehicle databases and auto maker records. They can quickly tell you if a vehicle identification number is genuine and accurately describes the vehicle the number is affixed to.

VIN Search

VIN searches look through existing vehicle numbers to look for your specific vehicle and are often done while also running a vehicle history report. These searches can help you find specific information related to your car.

VIN Search Resources
VIN Decode Resources

VIN Decode

VIN decoding is the process of understanding the letters and numbers in your VIN number. Most look ups and searches work by "decoding" the number. Understanding the decoding process and characters can help you better understand your vehicle.

VIN Verification

VIN verification is a physical inspection to make sure a VIN number truly belongs to the car it is on or to assign a new number to kit or home built vehicles and trailers. Official verification checks are completed by dealers, law enforcement officers, and licensed inspectors.

VIN Verification Resources

About VIN Numbers

History of VIN Numbers

The History of VIN Numbers

Are you curious how VIN numbers came to be on vehicles and their history? Learn about the history of vehicle identification numbers, related legislation, and how cars were uniquely tracked and recorded over time.

Car Manufacturing Numbers

From the factory to the parking lot—a lot of work goes into manufacturing vehicles and there are several unique numbers placed on car parts along the journey. Learn about how car parts are identified and where the numbers are located.

Car Part VIN Numbers
Trailer VIN Numbers

Trailer VINs and Other Numbers

Almost all vehicles on the road require VIN numbers including trailers and roadworthy tow-behinds. Trailer VINs are similar to vehicle VINs. If a trailer does not have a number, you can apply to have one created.