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Your vehicle's VIN number says a lot about your car and its history. Use our free VIN decoder and lookup tool to properly read it and get your vehicle information.

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Begin your VIN search journey here. Our free VIN lookup service connects to vehicle data providers giving you the access you need to understand your car's history.

We provide vehicle data from sources in the United States including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is the federal agency that handles transportation safety and maintains vehicle records—providing you with the car info you need.

Conducting a VIN search is a great way to discover where your vehicle was made, when it was manufactured, what factory options it is equipped with, and vehicle history information including reported accidents and maintenance.

About VIN Numbers

Your vehicle identification number, or VIN, has a lot of information attached to it. This includes the manufacturer location, automaker brand, vehicle specifications, year, and unique vehicle production sequence. Did you know running a VIN check can help you find out all of these things about your car?

Factory Location

The VIN number identifies the country code for the factory location where the vehicle was manufactured.

Vehicle Maker

The VIN identifies the automaker of the vehicle. A few auto brand examples are Ford, Toyota, and Honda.


The VIN identifies key specifications of the vehicle like engine size, body type, line series, and safety features.

Security Code

The VIN has a "check digit" for security to make sure it is an original, factory VIN number which hasn't been changed.

Vehicle Year

The VIN contains the vehicle model year code so you can tell the exact date by year when the car was made.

Production Code

The VIN has an assembly plant code and production sequence which acts as a unique serial number for the vehicle.

Top Reasons to Check a VIN

You may want to check your VIN for a number of reasons including:

Buying a Vehicle

When you are looking at buying car, run a vehicle history report against the VIN number to check the car's history and recorded service records.

Tracking Service Records

Do you remember if you did your last 70,000 mile maintenance? If you had your car serviced at the dealer, it will show up in the vehicle report.

Checking Factory Options

Are you curious what options are factory equipped? The VIN is used to generate window stickers for cars which show the specifications.

Sale Prices

Wondering how much a car sold for? VIN reports show the last sale prices and details like whether the vehicle was a previously leased vehicle.


Got VIN questions? Find answers to your vehicle identification number lookup questions.

Why do I need to lookup a VIN number?

Do you want to know more about your car? Looking up your VIN number is one of the easiest ways to see detailed information about your vehicle. It's quick, easy, and free. Try yours now and see the data immediately.

Where can I find the VIN on my car?

You will need your full 17 digit VIN number to start your lookup. The easiest place to see the number is either on the VIN plaque located near the bottom of the driver's side windshield or on the door frame of the drivers door.