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CARFAB was brought to life with an objective – to serve you as a top purveyor of car history data online. We are a trusted source of information for second-hand car buyers and sellers. CARFAB performs VIN searches and sources VIN information from the most all-encompassing car history database that can be found in the United States.

Countless consumers depend on CARFAB annually for reliable car history data. Our basic VIN lookup services are free, and we strive to always provide optimal value and access to vehicle information.

Verified and Professional Data Services

Various factors and sources contribute to our VIN info – CARFAB amasses data from the top auto information providers including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This includes every motor vehicle agency within the US and parts of Canada and a multitude of car auction houses.

When available, we help you find and access records from fire and police department crash reports, vehicle collision repair centers, and agencies managing fleets and rentals.

About CARFAB Mission and Goals

Our Vision & Mission

Making the automotive world better – One VIN Lookup at a time.


We strive to provide transparency around vehicle information and VIN numbers. Whether you are buying your next car or selling your current car, we can help. Our platform allows you to enter a VIN number and immediately receive detailed summary of information about a vehicle including its make, model, and year. Access to any reported accidents or damage may also be available.

We also help you look for information about the vehicle's title status, odometer readings, and previous owners. Our goal is to empower you as an individual with the car knowledge needed to make an informed decision about the vehicle.


Our mission is easy access to vehicle information through VIN checks with accurate and quick look ups to all your VIN-related queries. We can also help you find more detailed information with the help of vehicle history reporting and providing information on previous owners, accidents, title status, mileage, recalls and safety issues. Finding trusted record sources is a must-have in the automotive space.

Our goal is to help you get more transparency when it comes to buying a used car, allowing you make an informed decision and avoid potential scams. We are committed to helping add value on your journey.

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