What Does it Take to Be A Competent Driver?

Learning Driving

Learning to drive can take a matter of weeks, but becoming a good driver can only come with experience. There are many skills you need to become competent on the road, not just understanding the basic rules and how to operate your vehicle. Here I’ll cover some of the main requirements.

It’s vital to have knowledge of, and regularly remind yourself of the Highway Code. There are 5 hour pre licensing classes you can take to be educated before your road test. You will need this first of all if you’re going to pass the driving theory test, but it will come in useful throughout your life. Click here for a great online resource, which has worked well for learner drivers. Enroll yourself in a driving school Cairns to learn what different road signs mean, what your legal obligations are, and practical applications such as reversing, safe overtaking and keeping a sensible stopping distance between yourself and the car in front will greatly reduce your chances of having an accident. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules in foreign countries before driving abroad, especially countries where English is not the first language.

Driving well requires a level of maturity, the ability to resist temptation to speed, or take unnecessary risks. You always need to keep in mind the safety of other road-users, and any passengers you may have. A car in the hands of an irresponsible driver is a deadly weapon, and dangerous driving can land you in deep water, so from the moment you turn the ignition key to the time you get out of the car, you need to be concerned with behaving responsibly.

Observation skills and awareness
You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, whatever kind of road you’re driving on. In urban areas there are things like pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, cycle lanes, traffic lights and blind junctions to consider, and on motorways you need to be on your guard at slipways, and always keep an eye on your mirrors for fast-approaching vehicles. So it’s essential to have good observation skills, to notice that cyclist a few metres behind you and remember if they slip into your blind spot, or to notice lorries up ahead that are likely to overtake someone, slowing down traffic in the fast lane.

Road-rage incidents are common, so you must try to avoid joining the ranks of the angry, and stay as calm as possible while driving. Being courteous to other drivers may involve such things as letting people into your lane during traffic jams or not hogging the fast lane. But don’t take it too far. For example, if you have the right of way at a junction then you should take it rather than offer it to another driver coming from the opposite direction, as this can invalidate insurance if there’s an accident.

Related to observation and awareness, when you’re driving you should always be focused on the road ahead, as well as paying close attention to what’s going on in your mirrors. Distractions such as loud music, texting, or taking phonecalls should be avoided as even a few seconds’ inattention can lead to a crash. If you’re caught using your phone while driving then you can expect a fine or points on your license. Reckless driving could also lead to jail time, so if this happens to you, immediately secure a bail bond in New London County.

Good vision
The law states that if you require glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision then you must wear them whenever you’re behind the wheel. You need to be able to see road signs clearly, to be able to judge the speed of vehicles in front and behind, and basically anticipate any hazards, and these are impossible if your vision is impaired, making you a danger.

Decision Making
Hesitancy can be just as bad as rashness when driving. If you’re indecisive at a roundabout, or on a junction, this gives confusing signals to other drivers who may be expecting you to pull out, or to wait. Once you decide to carry out an action, you should commit to it, but of course, at the same time you should never do anything unless you’re sure it’s safe first to avoid a car crash detroit.