Three Luxury Cars You Should Be Driving Right Now

Audi A6

When shopping for the perfect car, it makes sense to pay a little more and choose something from the luxury cars category. These cars might cost a bit more off the assembly line but they make up for that extra price by offering up features that will get you excited to get behind the wheel, even if you have to make a long commute from one town to another. In fact, if you choose the right luxury car, you might even hop out of bed in the morning looking forward to that long drive and only be disappointed once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Audi A6

Like most luxury automobiles, this car is going to start out with an MSRP of around $50,000 out of the factory show floor. You get what you are paying for with this car though and that is actually a good thing when talking about a beautiful interior and fantastic handling out on the road. In spite of a few transmission spasms in the automatic models, this car is nimble and incredibly responsive to even tiny shifts in steering and speed. Changing lanes is a breeze, getting through tight spaces is almost too easy and it is really fun to drive.

This car recently managed to get a 10.0 rating from several different car review websites when it came to safety factors. Some of that plays into the handling on the road but this is also a car that has a good base, reducing chances of a rollover. It’s also good a solid build that will stand up well and will protect passengers should an accident occur. As an added bonus, the Audi A6 carries great gas mileage with 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.

Cadillac CTS

2014 Cadillac CTS
If you are looking for a luxury car that carries a powerful engine, the Cadillac CTS is the car for you. This car has some great handling as well, competing nicely with the Audi A6, but the one area where it does fall a little short is in the gas mileage department. 30 mpg on the highway is still nothing to sneeze at, but it is a full three miles per gallon less than the Audi and it comes in at only 20 mpg in the city.

The handling is going to depend on which of the car’s three engines you choose for your model. Testers and reviewers have noted that the base model is more than great for city and in-town driving (which is good if you’re on a budget) but they swoon over the V6 option. If you want something that is just fun to drive, you’ll want the Magnetic Ride Control feature that makes shifting a breeze and offers “livelier handling.”

There is some rather good news for those car aficionados who are suddenly becoming very wary of Cadillac in general. The company went out of its way to make sure the general public knew the CTS is not among those who were included in a massive recall following several execs at the company dropping the ball big time when it came to safety.

Lexus GS

2011 Lexus GS 450h.2
While the Lexus GS comes in third when talking about gas mileage among luxury cars on this list, it is also exactly the kind of car that you might not mind paying a little more for considering how comfortable the interior is, even when driving long distances. The supportive seats make long car rides something that aren’t nearly as hard on the body as they might be otherwise. The agile handling of these cars also makes driving in general less of chore, even if you are having to deal with the tight winding roads of the big city.

Unlike previous Lexus models, the GS actually makes you feel connected to the road in a really exciting way. Previous models wanted rides so smooth you felt like you were on a cloud but with this car, you know exactly what the road is like underneath your tires (in the best way). You feel like you’re controlling the car’s power instead of being encouraged to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This car has been racking up big time scores when it comes to safety and reliability. This adds to peace of mind when you are behind the wheel and even if you have to pay more than $40,000 at the dealer you’re still going to be happy pulling out of the parking lot.

Finding the Car For You

When deciding on the perfect car for your needs, there are a number of factors to consider beyond the measurables like miles per gallon and handling and braking. You need to not only be able to trust the cars but the dealerships you buy the cars from. One dealership that sells luxury cars in Houston, for example, offers a demo sale on their site so that you can read up on the car before ever even setting foot on the lot.