The odd and beautiful vehicles at the Paris International Motor Show 2012

The Paris International Motor Show 2012 has seen a lot of unconventional new launches apart from the platter of the concept and in production cars. These vehicles are mostly French built electric ones and they do not find preference in the UK due to their odd design and shape. However, they are a huge hit in the French market as they are economical, environment friendly and have a lot of tax benefits attached to them.

The Aixam and Ligier quadric cycle is a new two seated vehicle launched this year and it uses a 4 kW battery to power the 350 kg vehicle. The top speed is below 45 km/h and the company has recently added a new EV to its lineup of two seated vehicles. The dual cylindered engine of the new vehicle produces 400 CC and the parts are supplied by Kubota.

This is the only in production quadric cycle to sport ABS and the coupe styled exterior gives the vehicle a fresh but peculiar look. The vehicle costs 10,200 Pounds and will be available in showrooms across France from 2013.

Jaguar Land Rover, to commemorate its partnership with the 23rd James Bond movie, has announced a new battle worn SUV, the Defender to be available across showrooms from 2013. The Defender was used in the latest Bond movie Sky fall, set to be premiered late November and Jaguar land Rover is rumored to have sent 77 vehicles during the production of the movie.

If you want to purchase an electric vehicle in France, you will receive a 5,580 Pounds benefit over other vehicles and this is due to the eco friendly nature of the vehicle. Therefore, the demand for electric vehicles is high in the country and companies such as Lumeneo benefit hugely from these deals.

Lumeneo plans to launch a vehicle in accordance with Renault and this vehicle is set to be a 46 BHP, four seated city car. The detailed specifications and name has not been announced as of yet but the vehicle will be available post the Paris International Motor Show 2012.

PGO is another electric car making company from France and it has showcased a mid engine, two seated vehicle, in accordance with Porsche. The vehicle uses a 181 BHP producing 1.6 liter turbo charged from BMW and the engine is mated to a six speed automatic transmission.

The car has a top speed of 140 mph and accelerates to 60 mph in 10 seconds flat. Torque formation is close to 192 ft lb and the base model of the vehicle starts from 33,000 Pounds. Such electric vehicles are a trademark of the French motoring industry and electric concept vehicles have been showcased at almost every major car festival this year.

Some of these vehicles show a lot of potential and are successfully converted into commercial vehicles. Some find solace in museums and some act like the donors of a successful technology. This year these facts have been showcased once again and some vehicles could be turned into production line vehicles by then end of the year.