The Mercedes tradition

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

If you may wondering about the oldest and the most stylish car brand out there, you should probably consider the case of Mercedes which has represented and still represents one of the most stylish and powerful car brands on the market. The history of Mercedes started in the last century and will definitely continue a tradition of elegance mixed with power for all the clients in look of something that would represent their image.

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BMW starts work on 1-Series sedan; to launch in 2015

Based on the 1-Series hatch, the four-door model will cater the needs of those looking for a sporty compact sedan.

BMW’s ultimate aim of selling two million cars a year by 2020 is in full force. Having set such an ambitious target, BMW like its German counterparts Audi and Mercedes-Benz is looking to roll out a slew of new entry-level models for the masses, which are expected to debut in the global market in the next few years.

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Stretched Mercedes E-Class Wagon by Binz

Binz is a German company whose sole skill is stretching Mercedes Benz cars for no obvious reason! They usually do this to Mercedes sedan models, but this time they went ahead and stretched an E-Class station wagon. Although in Binz’ mind they have probably made the ultimate family car, it seems to make a rather perfect hearse.

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