Were Fisker Karmas Launched Too Quickly?

There has been a lot said on the Internet about technical issues with the Fisker Karma, including a recall for a battery problem and software upgrades.

The latest has to do with a Karma bought by Consumer Reports that broke down before the magazine could even start its regular testing procedure. The issue, as explained here, was fixed within 48 hours.

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Fisker Karma: Ready to Roll?

Fisker Automotive finally closed on its $528.7 million Energy Department loan April 23, and now the biggest item on the to-do list is to actually produce its $87,900 plug-in hybrid car, the Karma, by the end of the year.

Fisker was founded in the summer of 2007, and many people have been eagerly anticipating the Karma. And why not? The car is undeniably attractive, with a compelling environmental story and (at least on paper) rip-roaring high performance. Henrik Fisker, the chief executive, is also a charismatic figure. But just months from the car’s debut, very few people outside the company have driven it. (The crown prince of Denmark got a Karma ride to a climate conference.)
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