Camouflaged Cadillac ELR Photographed in Testing

Cadillac ELR65

The Cadillac ELR electric vehicle with extended range, to be revealed January 15 at the North American International Auto Show, was photographed driving through the mountains of Southern California during development testing.

“Cadillac customers are going to enjoy the unique features ELR will bring to the market.  We’re going to change the way people think about luxury and electrification,” said Chris Thomason, ELR chief engineer.

The odd and beautiful vehicles at the Paris International Motor Show 2012

The Paris International Motor Show 2012 has seen a lot of unconventional new launches apart from the platter of the concept and in production cars. These vehicles are mostly French built electric ones and they do not find preference in the UK due to their odd design and shape. However, they are a huge hit in the French market as they are economical, environment friendly and have a lot of tax benefits attached to them.

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President Obama Launches EV Everywhere Challenge

At an event today at the Daimler Truck factory in Mt. Holly, N.C., President Obama launched EV-Everywhere, the second in a series of Energy Department “Clean Energy Grand Challenges” aimed at addressing the most pressing energy challenges of our time. The EV Everywhere Challenge will bring together America’s best and brightest scientists, engineers, and businesses to work collaboratively to make electric vehicles more affordable and convenient to own and drive than today’s gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 10 years.

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Ford Focus Electric: The Answer to a Potential Fuel Shortage?

The price of fuel continues to skyrocket, and as many doomsayers predict that it’s due to run out in as little as 30 years’ time, more car manufacturers are looking at producing vehicles that run on electricity. This new technology will become commonplace in the near future, and that could have a serious effect on the number of car accident claims made by motorists.

The battery-operated Ford Focus Electric is one such car which, with new technology, helps to reduce the need for hiring injury lawyers in case of an accident. Designed by the American motoring powerhouse to compete with the recently released Nissan Leaf, it aims to lead the electric car market, which is yet to grow to an extent that it competes directly with petrol and diesel cars.

As well as being environmentally sound, the Ford Focus Electric is an incredibly safe car to drive. With a comparatively limited top speed of 84mph, the likelihood of getting injured in a crash is unlikely, which reduces the necessity for making whiplash claims. A full recharge takes four hours at the most, while it also has a range of impressive on-board tools to its name such as MyFord Touch and connectivity with the Microsoft Hohm programme. As its Japanese competitor is the only all- electric car currently on sale, it will be widely available when it enters showrooms worldwide in 2013.

If the Ford Focus Electric becomes as popular as expected, then it’s possible that other manufacturers could follow suit. With advancements in fuel technology, further improvements in safety could also be in the pipeline, which could help to reduce the number of accidents on the road. Electric cars, even when fully-charged, can only go a certain distance, which encourages their owners to drive more cautiously to save energy. If more motorists owned electric cars and drove that way, then road traffic accidents could become a thing of the past.

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