New Vauxhall Ampera Review

Vauxhall Ampera

Electric cars and hybrids are getting seriously interesting now – new investments made by the Government in charging stations and the advancements made by car manufacturers with fuelling mean that the average motorist is more tempted than ever before to get a car that’s designed to be kind to the environment. Combine that with some of the stunning electric car designs you can get now (the Tesla Model S and BMW i8 being prime examples), and even teenagers are starting to drool over cars that are powered by the same thing as a tablet computer. Continue reading New Vauxhall Ampera Review

The Tesla S: Safe Ride or Firebird waiting to ignite?

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Tesla Model S production

There has been a lot of controversy recently regarding the safety and security of drivers who choose to drive the Tesla Model S. Apparently, the engines of these cars are…catching fire. Continue reading The Tesla S: Safe Ride or Firebird waiting to ignite?

Electric cars surge into city

WITH diesel is now £1.50 a litre, and petrol not far behind, drivers are starting to take the electric car market a lot more seriously –which is good because there are three new electric vehicles about to appear on the city’s streets, writes Mike Scialom.

This week saw the UK launch of the Renault Twizy, which will be on sale at Cambridge’s Newmarket Road-based Renault dealership, Wests, “before the end of the month”, according to a spokesman for the firm.

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Electric cars: ‘Plug-ins’ look for spark in 2012

Automakers in 2012 will launch 13 plug-in vehicles, running on electricity alone all or most of the time. This is the year that will tell whether the electric car market has a roaring liftoff or a slow-rolling start, analysts say.

It’s early yet, but 2012 is shaping up as a white-knuckle Year 2 for the makers of new “plug-in” vehicles, who have wagered billions that the appeal of new electric-drive technologies will surmount hurdles not only from a weak-as-a-kitten economy, but also from high sticker prices and a spate of unfavorable publicity.

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BMW’s €400m strategy for electric cars

When BMW AG decided to venture into electric powered concept cars, its overall strategy was that it would be done from the ground up — encompassing recyclable materials for use in manufacturing the cars up to tapping on renewable energy to power the plant.

The German luxury carmaker is investing about €400 million (RM1.6 billion) in new buildings and production facilities by 2013 which will also create 800 new jobs.
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