Safely Storing a Motorcycle During the Winter


Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting adventure. Usually most people only ride during the spring, summer and maybe fall. Sometimes people do enjoy riding in the winter when it is mild. If you choose to ride or if you are storing your motorcycle for the winter, these tips will help you prepare for the possibility of harsh conditions.

Riding During the Winter:

Take Care of Its Parts –

If you still ride your bike during the winter there are a few things to keep in mind and that you should do to make sure your bike stays running. First make sure to grease all moving parts on your bike before the cold hits. This will help any parts from seizing up on you during the cold. Next be sure to get some silicon spray to help from getting salt erosion from the salted winter roads. This will help protect precious areas that are hard to get to otherwise. Also check your antifreeze in the bike regularly and make sure it is sufficient. This will help you to insure your bike starts every morning.

Get a Pre-Winter Service –

As with any vehicle remember to change the oil and filter regularly. Checking it and having it serviced before those harsh winter months is important. This is true for any vehicle that you drive. Preparing it by checking all the fluids and changing filters is a great way to protect your bike and prevent any problems when you need it.

Put Your Motorcycle in Storage:

Another idea for those who prefer to put up their bike for the winter is finding a local self storage company that specializes in motorcycle storage. While renting a local storage unit may not be needed during the winter in warm areas like Phoenix, they are a great option for anyone in northern regions looking to keep their valuable motorcycles protected during the cruel winter months. Storage units can keep your bike in optimum condition by staying in a climate controlled unit. The weather and the elements can’t wreak havoc on them there.

If you are a bike rider and owner then definitely consider storing your bike for the very harsh winter months. If you live in a milder area where you can still ride then be sure to have a thorough checkup done on your bike before winter is here. This will save you time and money in the long run on repairs and possible failures to start.