How to Make Your Car Interior Last

Next to a home, a car is probably the biggest purchase anyone will ever have to make, and nowadays, it’s something people replace after a long time. A car costs a small fortune and it’s an investment that lasts longer according to how well it’s maintained. Whether you use your car for long road trips, daily commutes or to drive your kids around, our vehicles are important to us. Regular servicing is key to make sure everything is working well, but it’s not just the big parts of our cars that need to be taken care of, it’s also the interior. When a car’s interior is not well-maintained it means that your car will look a lot older than it is, and you won’t enjoy driving around in a car with ripped up seats, dirt and dust everywhere and any other unsightly messes that can be found in an ill-maintained car. Just like the inside of a house, the inside of a car needs regular cleaning and tidying up. So how do you maintain your car interior so that it lasts longer? Here are a few helpful tips to take better care of the inside of your automobile. 

Get Seat Covers 

Removable seat covers are a great way to keep the seats that came with your car in good shape. If you have kids, pets or your car is prone to dirt and grime, removable seat covers mean that keeping clean seats is a matter of removing seat covers and just throwing them in a washing machine, and putting them back. Also the seats will take the brunt of the wear and tear that naturally happens with any vehicle. What’s great is, with sites like Caltrend, you can buy great custom seat covers that suit your car and your style. Once you have those installed, you’ll never have to worry about the struggle of keeping car seats clean. 

Choose the Right Material for Car Seats 

Related to having custom cover seats, is having seat covers or seats that are made of long-lasting and durable materials. The last thing you want is cheap fabric and a super light color because all that means is your car interior will get dirty often and damaged. Leather is a good option, but it can be pricey, so you can also go for a darker fabric that’s easy to keep clean. 

Have a Few Rules About What Goes Into Your Car

Some people are very strict about people not eating or drinking in their car, but that’s not very realistic. You can however, be careful about some of the activities you do in your car. For example, smoking in the car can lead to burn holes on seats. Burn holes, unlike dirt from a little spill of juice would be more complicated to fix. 

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Inevitably, your car will end up with bits and pieces of food and drink spilled or dropped in it. It’s important to get into the habit of cleaning up these accidents as soon as they happen. Keep wet wipes, lint rollers and even small trash collection bags in your car so you can quickly clean up the messes as they happen. That way, you won’t end up with a long list of things to clean and tidy up. Also, when you leave something like spilled juice, it will get sticky and more dirt will catch onto it making it harder to clean. Avoid dirt build up by dealing with stuff quickly. 

Clean your car’s interior regularly

Life can get busy, but we should try to clean our cars as regularly as possible. It’s great to go to a drive-through car wash, but it’s also important to pay regular attention to the interior too. Genesis Car Valeting offers a premier mobile valeting service, including interior shampoo, mobile car wash, and interior detailing, for cars and vans at home or at work. It’s also important to remove the car floor mats and shake the dirt and dust off them. If you do this at least once a month, your car will always look good. 

Most people take pride in their cars and keeping them in great shape because the more we take care of them, the more likely they are to last long with minimal issues. Owning a car is already an expense, so why make it even more costly by not maintaining it? The interior of the car is just as important as the exterior, and we can put measures in place to make sure it remains clutter, dirt and dust free. It doesn’t have to be complicated. If we make keeping the insides of our cars simple, it won’t feel like a chore and we’re more likely to do it consistently. 

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