Ford targets Toyota Prius v in C-MAX Hybrid ad campaign

Ford Motor Company is marketing its new C-MAX Hybrid MPV against Toyota’s Prius v in an aggressive way.

On Thursday Ford launched a television and digital ad campaign across the United States that compares the attributes of the C-MAX Hybrid to that of the Prius v.

The C-MAX is less expensive than the Prius v, more fuel efficient and has more horsepower. However, Ford’s hybrid MPV lacks the name recognition of the Prius v.

“It’s a new nameplate, so we have to establish what C-MAX is. And very, very simply, get it on the shopping list,” Matt VanDyke, director of U.S. marketing communications at Ford was quoted as saying by the Detroit News.

Ford’s “La Linea” ad, which debuted 7 a.m. Thursday morning on CNN, hand-draws the silhouette of Ford’s car and compares it to Toyota’s. Ford will also launch print and social media ads in the near future. In its turn, Toyota has recently rolled out new TV ads for its hybrid line. The first C-MAX vehicles reached U.S. showrooms last month.

Last month, the C-MAX Hybrid was outsold by the Prius v. However, the C-Max outsold all of Ford’s other hybrids in its first month of sales.