Carmony re-brand for a bigger piece of the used car market


Carmony is one of the leading approved used car sites in the UK and it specializes in cars that are for sale from franchised dealers. The organization is run and owned by Manheim Europe, who also own, and it was established in the year 2008.

The website has been growing strongly, but recently they have undergone a huge re-brand in an effort to grab a slightly different piece of the used car market. The website is going to change its focus towards the selling of ‘premium’ used cars such as Audi and Lexus. These premium cars will be the kind that are sold for prices above £25,000 and as such, the website will be targeting a more high-end used car collector or fan of luxury and premium brands. These cars are also dealer approved, which is still a unique selling point for the organization.

The move towards this is very interesting, as the premium market is one that is, as yet, untapped for used car sales. In making this change, Carmony could bring a whole new market of buyers to the online used car market, and could corner that market before any other national organization tried to compete. This could be a really great move for the organization who, until recently have been offering similar services like Gumtree and Auto Trader.

Carmony’s unique search functions, through which you can specify everything from fuel efficiency to boot space when looking for a used car, will also likely be applied to the new re-brand. This means that those who are really picky about what premium car they want, will be able to search for precisely the vehicle they want to.

In addition to this, Carmony will still report every day on the latest events, reviews and news from all around the world to keep readers up to date on all of the issues which could affect motorists and buyers. The move by the organization is an excellent decision, especially since the used car market is extremely saturated by other organizations such as Auto Trader, Arnold Clark and Gumtree.