Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super stars at the ‘Winter Marathon 2013’

Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

The 25th edition of the ‘Winter Marathon’ will take place from 25 to 27 January at Madonna di Campiglio. This captivating reliability trial for historic cars is, owing to the number or participants and quality cars taking place, the third most important event in Italy, preceded only by the Mille Miglia and the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

Against the splendid backdrop of the mountains of Trento, the public and fans will be able to admire the Giulia TI Super from the Alfa Romeo Historic Motoring collection, specially prepared to tackle this contest which is as charming as it is difficult, owing to the weather.

The Giulia TI Super of 1963 is the most rare and prestigious of the Giulias, the ‘ready-to-race’ version, of which 501 examples were produced, almost all in “Biancospino” (hawthorn) colour, with the Quadrifoglio emblem on the sides and tailgate and with a ‘slimmed down’ body to further enhance its outstanding performance. The ‘TI Super’ was one of the race cars that permitted the development of a generation of drivers who then passed to the ‘bigger’ formulas, allowing them to get some attention through the victories and rankings gained at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo saloon.

The Giulia TI Super is particularly suited to road racing: it is no coincidence that among its most significant records is the outstanding victory at the ‘Tour de France Auto’ of 1963 with Masoero and Maurin.

Technically, the Giulia constituted a benchmark in its segment, raising its standards: the Alfa Romeo’s four cylinders, twin shaft and excellent dynamic characteristics were epitomised in this body which, as the advertising material of the time had it, was ‘designed by the wind’.