A European Christmas Road Trip

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Europe is one of the greatest destinations for experiencing a road trip. In Scandinavia, weather beaten coastal roads loop up into bridges along the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea. In the Netherlands long stretches of open tarmac among tulip lined fields beckon the eager driver. Meanwhile, Alpine roads snake down from the cloud covered valleys in Switzerland and Austria and blue waves lap the black motorways along Italy’s scenic shores.

In winter however, the strong winds make the northern roads treacherous, the tulip fields of Holland are devoid of colour, the heavy snowfall makes Alpine roads impassable and the Italian coast is uninspiring in the grey drizzle.

There is still plenty of opportunity for a fine driving experience in Europe however and Christmas is one of the best times of the season to explore its rich history and breath-taking landscapes. Follow our suggestion for the ultimate Christmas road trip in Europe.

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London is a great place to start a European road trip and, with its endless supercar hire options, you can truly rediscover the joys of driving again. If you are looking for a truly magical driving experience this festive season, a Lamborghini hire is surely the answer. Weave through the small alleyways and arrive at enchanting Christmas scenes at Borough Market and Covent Garden or impress shoppers along the bustling Oxford Street.

With a supercar, you can travel across the city in style and speed, from the delights of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to the enormous ice-skating rink erected in Liverpool Street station.

There is more than enough Christmas entertainment to be had before setting off on the open road for the glorious white cliffs of Dover.


A ferry will take you and your car through the winter fog of the English Channel where you then alight at Pas de Calais. The sweeping N-roads of northern France are a joy to behold. Witness the gnarled and embattled fields of World Wars past, a dramatic scene in the winter weather, or zip over the cobbled streets of sleepy French villages where Monet plied his trade. Of course his most impressive works lie in the Louvre at the very centre of the French capital.

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There, under the starry lights hanging in the roadside trees, take a leisurely drive down the glamorous Champs-Elysées. Those famously broad Parisian boulevards provide endless thrills for driving enthusiasts and ensure unforgettable experiences along the way. Drive past the Galerie Lafayette and see the flash of your Lamborghini’s reflection in the extraordinary window displays there. Paris is a city that demands glamour and luxury, and Christmas is a time that orders comfort. Choose from the Lamborghini’s range of high-performance, high-quality sports cars to effortlessly achieve all of the above.

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Sample the famous French cuisine and stock up on thick hot chocolate and delicate patisseries before heading off to the Black Forest of Germany.

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Release the race-car driver within upon Germany’s wonderfully engineered freeways as you cross the French border. The twisted black branches and rolling green hills of the Black Forest on the other side are ideal driving territory. Perhaps better suited for a Range Rover hire car, skip between the small, friendly villages of Bavaria. With not a soul around, the forest is your playground and the Range Rover certainly provides the fun. Built in adaptive dynamics mean the Range Rover has effortless handling and minimal body roll even on the most demanding off-road terrains. Face up to the countryside, brave the grizzly winter weather and climb the meanest mountainscapes.

Plenty of entertainment lies elsewhere on the criss-cross labyrinth of German motorways. Travel north upon these famous autobahns, past fairytale hilltop castles towards Cologne. The steep spires of the city cathedral can be seen from motorways miles away. Let them guide you towards the city centre, as the aroma of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine gets ever stronger and the sound of live music gets ever louder.


The final leg of the journey takes in the sights of Belgium. The picturesque city of Bruges has endless canals and medieval architecture to enjoy. Dip and dive over the bridges and in between the ancient houses of the ‘Venice of the North’.

Cruise around the medieval town at the heart of the city, and hear the rumble of the engine reverberate the ancient fortress walls in thrilling fashion. The cobbled streets are tirelessly fun to roam in a 4×4. Amble alongside horse drawn carts to soak in the atmosphere before arriving at one of the many Michelin starred restaurants Bruges has to offer. Arrive in style at Bruges’s ice sculpture festival and tuck in to some of the famous dark Belgian chocolate and golden Belgian beer for a truly festive treat. Turn on the engine a final time to complete a round trip back to London aboard the Eurostar at Brussels.