What To Look for in a Compact SUV

Jeep Wrangler

With the decline in popularity of the SUV model due to high gas and oil prices, as well as a failing economy, manufacturers have been looking for a solution. This solution is called the Compact SUV, similar design, cheaper pricing, lightweight frame and of course, better economically on gas. With all this supply being produced, what should you be demanding in a Compact SUV?

1. Seating

An SUV typically sat five people in relative comfort, meaning, there is plenty of space, as well as high level of comfort radiating frkilp om the seating. In the early 1990’s, SUV’s were seen as the luxury family car, for these reasons. So in a Compact SUV, whilst it’s safe to assume that most rear seats will be slightly less comfortable and have smaller amounts of leg room, you should be able to sustain a long journey easier, than say, in an estate model car.

You should also check out how many seats the car has, as mentioned above, the SUV has a great history of being a fantastic family car, and this thought shouldn’t stray too far from your mind when selecting one for your own family.

2. Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

SUV’s, by rule of thumb, have always been hit hard when the gas prices have gone up, this is because, typically, an SUV has a low MPG ratio. Compact SUV’s are meant to have a higher MPG ratio, and will, subsequently become a cheaper car to run on a day to day basis.

The average mpg range for the Compact SUV style cars will grant you;

  1. Just above 20mpg inside cities
  2. Somewhere between 26-30mpg for highway routes

3. Off-roading capabilities

Outside of North America, SUV’s are also known as “Off-Roaders“. While a majority of today’s SUV’s are not made for Off-roading, it’s good to check out it’s capabilities, in the event you need to go off-road, or live in a place that has poor weather seasons (such as snow, storms, mass rain). Compact SUV’s usually have off-roading as a secondary priority when it comes to production, however, cars such as the Jeep Wrangler are very much dual purpose when it comes to staying on the road, and off-roading.

4. Safety

Being that the SUV is a tried and tested family car, it’s decent to assume that safety is a relatively high priority when putting together these cars. However, with a lighter frame and bodywork, it’s possible that the Compact SUV’s will have a lower sense of safety and security in the event of an accident.

Be sure to ask your dealer about the safety features of Compact SUV’s, as the different protection levels vary quite dramatically.