What Are the Tricks to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes?

Auto Insurance

Many people let their policies renew automatically year after year. With this attitude it is almost impossible to find the cheapest car insurance. It would be like receiving inheritance from an uncle you didn’t know you had. You would need to be extremely lucky that the only company you got quotes from was the best option for you anyway. If you don’t want to leave it to chance here are a few tricks to help you find the best policy and price.

1. Make the Most of Discounts You Qualify

Almost any driver can qualify for at least one discount. There are so many of them that you will be able to qualify for several of them. Motorists can get discounts for having a driving licence for a long time, not making any claims recently, not having traffic tickets, living in a nice neighbourhood, owning the home, being married, finishing certain universities, being a member of a trade association, having a good credit score, driving a safe car and many more.

They can also get discounts for things like paying the full premium in advance, being a member of a recovery service program and having a safe overnight parking. So, it is not all about being a great driver. There are a few more discounts up for grab and you should get them.

2. Don’t Blindly Be Loyal to One Insurer

Loyalty is generally appreciated but you must make sure that you are appreciated. There are a few recent articles about auto renewal of insurance policies in the press. They highlight how the insurers can take advantage of their loyal customers. You can find out pretty quickly if your current insurer is offering you a good deal in return for your loyalty. Otherwise, the same coverage can be obtained from a similarly reliable insurer but cheaper. Remember to call your insurer and find out if they are applying all the discounts you qualify.

You can get extra 10% discount if you buy all your policies from the same company. They like to sell more to their current policyholders and therefore most providers offer extra discounts to achieve this. If you have home and auto insurance from two separate companies you have two companies to check quotes and see which one will offer the best deal for bundling. In addition you can get large savings by insuring all your cars with a multi-car policy.

4. Play Around with Deductibles to See If You Can Save More

Increasing your deductibles can lower your premium with most companies. However, this would mean that you spend more out of pocket when you have a claim. So, the rewards for agreeing to pay more deductibles must be sufficient enough. Remember that you should have enough savings in the bank to pay for the deductibles should you suffer losses.

5. Always Shop Around

Shopping around is made a lot easier these days thanks to online quotes and comparison websites like ConsumersAdvocate.org. So, spending a few minutes can result in good savings you don’t want to miss. If you can save several hundred dollars why wouldn’t you want to switch, providing you get the same coverage. It is essential to be active if you want to get cheap automobile insurance. You should look at all your options carefully and compare them.  Write down your renewal date on your diary and remember to have a good look at all your alternatives then.

6. Check the Insurance Ratings of the Car You want to buy

It is a common knowledge that some cars are a lot more expensive to insure than others. If you own a car already it wouldn’t probably be sensible to change it so that you can get cheap car insurance. However, if you are in the market for a new car you can check which autos are cheaper to insure and see if it would please you. You don’t have to own the vehicle to get a quote for it. All you need to do is to get its details and get a quote for it.