Truck Wars Got Bigger and Badder – The Dodge Ram 1500 Hits the UK

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The reality is every man needs a truck, a big American truck. But not all of these large American vehicles are created equally; some are just better than others, better in towing, utility, and ability to make you look good on the road. The biggest and baddest of them all, is the Dodge Ram 1500, it literally eats the other trucks alive and with its EcoDiesel Engine it is at least 20% more fuel efficient than the Chevy Silverado according to Motor Trends. We spoke with 51st State Autos Dodge Ram 1500 specialists and they told us that “these trucks promise to provide utility to consumers, business, and trade users that are unavailable in vehicles sold in the domestic market”. If you are ready to get a big boy’s truck then let’s look at what makes the Dodge Ram a Ram:

Towing Capacity
The Dodge Ram is designed to haul cargo, unlike many competing trucks the Dodge Ram 1500 and its sisters the 2500 and 3500 can tow up to 30,000 lbs.

It is no secret a truck is meant to be rough and tumble operating on some of the roughest terrain imaginable. The Ram 1500 has unmatched clearance compared to the competition making it the most useful truck for the job.

Bring Your Family Along
With the extended cab of the Dodge Ram 1500 you can bring your family and friends alone for the ride. Gone are the days of riding in the uncomfortable back seat of a pickup, the Ram is one pickup that feels more like a Sport Utility Vehicle on the inside than a truck.

Customize Your Ram

A Dodge Ram is a vehicle that can be customized for the individual buyer with numerous options and packages to choose from. These have a variety of features to make your Ram 1500 the most useful vehicle you have ever owned.

Sport Package
The Ram 1500 Sport drops the EcoDiesel Engine and ramps up the power with a huge V8 engine for extra power and hauling capacity. Feel sporty with amazing interior features like touch screen controls, and comfortable bucket seats for you and all of your passengers.

Big Horn with Hemi
The Ram 1500 Big Horn is a truck designed for the toughest tasks. Like its namesake big horn sheep this truck was born to work. Decked out with the latest features, chrome wheels and leather accents it is a head turner for driving down any country road.

If you are looking for luxury and utility then the Laramie Series has you covered. All of the latest interior creature comforts, heated seats, amazing 10 speaker sound system, and a two-tone paint scheme mean there is literally nothing this truck cannot handle.