Toyota Presents the New Prius C Line

The Prius C line from Toyota is the newest member of the Prius family, and also the smallest. It is geared towards the urban driver, as the letter C stands for “city”. Maybe you won’t see it on the next rally championship, but the C model will take you to your desired destination cheaply and efficiently.

The fun and hi-tech interior, as well as its youthful expression, clearly demonstrates that they are targeting the younger generation. Although, the Prius has show some appeal to older demographics in the past, likely due to the cost saving potential for individuals on fixed incomes.

The Prius C comes in four versions: One, Two, Three and Four. The models differ in features as the number goes up, i.e. the higher numbers offer more features and are sold at a higher price. All models have Bluetooth and USB connectivity, hybrid synergy drive, automatic AC, 3.5 inches display, nine airbags, and voice recognition.

This car doesn’t require a power source in order to get its battery recharged. Its HV battery is reloaded through a regenerative braking system. With this smart system, the Prius C gets recharged as you drive. The car chooses which system to use (gasoline or electric) based on driving conditions at the time, optimizing for fuel economy.

As for colors, the choices include Classic Silver Metallic, Black Sand Pearl, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Summer Rain Metallic, Absolutely Red, Moonglow, Blue Streak Metallic, Habanero, and Super White.

Author: Dave Valence currently works for, an informational and practical resource for the Department of Motor Vehicles.