Toyota Launches Aqua – Smallest Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Car

Toyota launched its hybrid fuel-efficient small car model “Aqua” in Japan in the Tokyo Motor Show. The same model will be termed as “Prius C” in the United States where it will be launched in early 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show. This car has a higher fuel efficiency of 35.4 kilometer per liter as compared to Prius that has an average of 32 kilometer per liter, the highest offered efficiency by a car of this kind till now.

Nissan Motor and General Motor are on their path to launch vehicles of this kind in the near future, but the price of these cars is supposed to be significantly high because of the high battery cost. Toyota aims to launch more than 10 models of these kind of gasoline cars by the year 2015, and this would make a great move for the “Green Revolution”, if the response is good. Toyota Motor Corp. aims that the sale of the car in Japan would reach a monthly high of 12,000 units. The price of the model starts at $21600.

The model is equipped with a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine and has an electric motor. The model is very sleek and light weighed. It is estimated that the efficiency of Aqua is higher than that of Prius. Aqua has a length of 3.9 meters as compared to 4.48 meters Prius and costs around 22% less than the leading model till date-Prius. Apart from this, the model has awesome and comfortable interiors, elegant design, great speed and acceleration. Aqua has an Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to cool down the engine and thus improve the efficiency. it is also equipped with a a battery powered power pump and a design that reduces friction. The battery is made up  of nickel metal hydride.

The car is ready to run on the streets of Japan. It is available in four colors – Earth Brown, Fresh Green, Cool Blue and Natural Gray. Take your pick.