Tips every junk car owner should follow when disposing it

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A junk car lying in your yard can be an eyesore. It is also a health hazard. The car could be home to all manner of pests increasing the potential of you or any member of your family contacting illness. The same can be said of your pets. In a home with small children, playing hide and seek in the car is something they cannot resist. One of them could get stuck in there or pick an injury. Burns, shocks, cuts and bruises are some of the consequences you are looking at. Therefore, if you are not planning to repair that car, you had better sell it.

Before selling a used car, here are a number of things you should do:

Assess the car’s worth: Ascertain the age of the car. Usually, a car that is below 12 years old has still got some salvage value. Ascertain its general condition too. That means checking whether the engine and the bodywork are still in good shape. The car might have been grounded owing to unavailability of parts. Get a mechanic to come and inspect it and give you his fair view.

Look for junk yards that buy used cars: Get in touch with a junk car buyer and request a quote on the car. They will likely ask you a few questions about its present state as well as the make, model and age of the car so make sure you have this information to hand. Most buyers should aim to make the process of getting a quote for your junk car as easy and hassle free as possible.

Ask questions: In as much as you will be relieved to see your yard clean, there are things you must confirm from automotive buying companies. Find out whether or not they charge for towing away scrap cars. If they do, how much do they charge? Altogether, avoid companies that charge you for this service. Towing costs should be borne by them. Make a point of finding out if the company is licensed and certified to carry out this business.

The final transaction: Once you have exchanged information with the buyers, you will get an offer. Mostly this happens over the phone. It could also be online. Upon acceptance, the buyers will book an appointment and dispatch a towing vehicle to take away the car. Upon signing the car’s title to them, you will get paid the amount agreed upon. Payment can be in form of cash or check.

Selling cars, particularly old ones, is not a difficult undertaking. As you will realize, there are many buyers interested in them. Once your car gets into their hands, a team of mechanics will quickly scrutinize and identify parts that are still in good condition. These are usually cannibalized and sold as used parts. Batteries and tyres are sold to recycling plants. By using these tips and trusting your instincts, that eyesore in your compound will soon be converted into cash. Unbeknown to you, another person will be able to obtain parts that will keep his vehicle on the move.

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  1. Yes and make sure the company who is carrying the whole scrap car removal process should promise you to recycle each and every part of your junk car in a environmental friendly manner and all of their activities are Eco-friendly.

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