The Tesla S: Safe Ride or Firebird waiting to ignite?

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Tesla Model S production

There has been a lot of controversy recently regarding the safety and security of drivers who choose to drive the Tesla Model S. Apparently, the engines of these cars are…catching fire.

However, it’s important to note that so far the engines of these electric cars aren’t catching fire spontaneously. They’re erupting after being subjected to significant damage after the car has somehow been crashed.

Introduced to the market in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it wasn’t sold in the US until June in 2012 and in other parts of the world in August 2013. It’s ranked among the highest ranges by the EPA, getting around 265 miles on a single battery charge, which gives it almost 90mpg. Pretty impressive!

Right now it’s priced far beyond what the average American can afford at around $100K. True, that’s before you get any tax breaks or rebates from the IRS for buying such a fuel efficient and tiny carbon foot printed vehicle but still…ouch. And now it’s catching fire?

Actually, during a normal drive or in a regular “run of the mill” accident, that never would have happened. The Tesla’s battery is liquid cooled to keep its cells from overheating and is structured to prevent the cells from being damaged. It is also set up to automatically be disconnected from the power supply at the moment of impact.

As we’ve already stated, the fires in the engine block are all a result of user error. Right now there is a video making the rounds (it’s even been given space at The International Business Times) of a Tesla S bursting into flames in Mexico. What’s important to note is that the driver is completely fine and his engine only caught fire after, while speeding, he hit a meridian, smashed through a brick wall and ran headlong into a tree. But it didn’t help that he was caught drunk driving after the incident and is now facing a las vegas dwi charge.

According to CNN Money, Consumer Reports has rated it the best car it has ever tested. It scored 99 out of 100 points on the Consumer Reports performance test, something that no other vehicle has ever done (or gone beyond). It might have even gotten a 100 if it weren’t for the fact that, on long trips, you have to recharge it.

The high safety ratings are largely because of the Tesla’s low center of gravity. Because the car doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, the bottom of the front of the car is outfitted with double octagonal rails that are completely straight  and designed to absorb as much of the shock of an impact or collision (should one occur) as possible. The body is made out of aluminum and high strength steel and is outfitted with plenty of airbags to keep the people inside the car safe.

Case in point: the car that caught fire in Mexico? The driver was able to walk away from that crash unharmed. That means even drivers who have Massachusetts plates and Red Sox bumper stickers should be safe while driving through St. Louis–you know, provided they stay in their cars!

This means that, in spite of its crazy high sticker price, you’ll be able to save in other areas, like your car insurance costs. And, should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you have to call a car accident lawyer, (like if a Cardinals fan got a little over zealous in the parking lot when he spotted your Sox hat on your dashboard) you’ll have the highest rated and safest car in creation on your side.

It makes you want to start saving up, doesn’t it?