The sleekest city cars on the market

Citroen C1

It is therefore important that city-dwellers are aware of the sleekest and zippiest motors on the market – and they can find the best deals available at Cars2Buy.

For people living in the city, cars can be a real statement that are used to show off their power and wealth. However, larger and more fancy autos may not be ideal for the narrow and traffic-laden streets of a large metropolis, so it’s important drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle that not only looks great, but is also well suited to the hustle and bustle of the city.

The best cars for the city are those that are small and compact. There are plenty of these to choose from – but which are the very best? Read on to find out more.

Citroen C1

The Citroen C1 is ideal for city lovers because of its eye-catching aesthetics and neat shape. This motor has received a facelift to give it a more modern twist, ensuring that while it retains the style of its former incarnation, it is different enough to grab the attention of contemporary buyers.

As part of the revamp, fog lights and LED daytime running lights can now be found along the front bumper, while on the inside the controls remain as easy to use as ever.

The car might be particularly appealing to Londoners, as a reduction in emissions – down to 99 g/km for the manual version – means it is the first petrol-powered Citroen to be exempt from the congestion charge.

Toyota iQ

The Toyota iQ is a city car with a difference – its emphasis on reduced size and improved maneuverability means it is being promoted as the ideal ride for those navigating even the busiest of streets.

Despite its reduced size, the Toyota iQ is able to seat four people and has been praised for its safety, in addition to the comfort it offers when travelling at high speed – something that city dwellers who like to escape the bright lights and hit the road will surely be keen on.

The model might not be the cheapest option for those looking for the best city car deals, but that may not be the biggest concern for city workers eager to impress their colleagues and neighbours.

Volkswagen Up

Taking notes from the Toyota iQ, Volkswagen has come up with its very own super impressive city car. The Volkswagen Up is notable for its distinctive cuboid shape and boasts a smooth interior that’s bound to get the thumbs-up from any passengers, be they friends, colleagues or work clients.

A rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive are just two of the inventive features that serve to set the Volkswagen Up apart from its rivals.

Although its cuboid shape might suggest a chunky appearance, the truth is that the Up has managed to marry sleekness and practicality in a way that is ideal for people whose lives revolve in and around the big cities.