The Peninsula’s New Fleet: the Mini Cooper

The Peninsula Hotels are known for their upscale perks, like the fleet of Rolls-Royces that its Hong Kong flagship uses to ferry its guests to meetings and to the airport. In New York and Chicago, however, the hotel has opted for an amenity that’s more sporty than glam: chauffeur-driven Mini Coopers.

The cars are available for up to three hours a day to guests who book a suite at either hotel. Passengers can follow city tours that are stored on iPhones or iPads in the cars, or they can simply tell drivers where they want to go.

The cars, the Mini Cooper S Clubman model, have been customized a bit. They hold a minirefrigerator and a cargo box on top for shopping bags. Aside from the make, the main difference between these and the Hong Kong fleet: you won’t get a trip to the airport. These vehicles are intended strictly for joy rides.