The Five Most Common Causes of Road Accidents


Road traffic accidents are a horrific experience for all parties involved, and the repercussions could have life-changing consequences especially when it comes to the law and a car accident attorney will be required. Most injuries would also require you to go to an auto accident chiropractor for treatment. According to the RAC Foundation, road traffic accidents account for 25 per cent of all deaths for those in the 15-19 age group and 0.5 per cent of deaths overall in the UK. Furthermore, the majority of fatal accidents on the road are largely preventable. Fortunately, understanding the most common types of car accident cases and most common causes of such accidents can keep you and your family safe from ever becoming involved in such an incident.


According to ROSPA, around 430 people a year are killed in crashes where someone exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for the conditions. This is especially true of young car drivers between the ages of 17 and 24, whose inexperience leads to misjudged conditions or misplaced confidence in their abilities to control the vehicle.

Aggressive driving

Sadly, road rage accounts for a large proportion of road traffic accidents in the UK, as drivers become careless and reckless in their bid to avoid traffic and make it to their destination. Taking your anger out on the road increases your likelihood of losing control and raises the chance that you will fail to accurately judge another person’s path. This results in suffering from injuries and even fatalities post which you might need a car accident lawyer from a reputed firm to settle the legal scores (here you can learn more about the firm that we vouch for when it comes to choosing lawyers).

Drink driving

Despite all of the shocking advertisements today designed to put people off the idea of drinking and driving, there are still many who get behind the wheel after a few, convinced they are capable of getting home safely. This attitude still results in many preventable deaths due to the fact that alcohol, as a depressant, slows your reaction time enough to an extent that it can prove fatal. A drunk driver involved in an accident will eventually need a dui lawyer.


Due to overwhelming evidence of the danger levels it poses, it is now illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. However, there are many other distractions that could prove dangerous if the driver was to allow their attention to be diverted. Conversations, kids fighting in the back seat and even music could have an adverse effect. British scientists have suggested that, although classical music is considered relaxing, too much could relax a driver to the point of nodding off. In the same way, rock music could stimulate a driver to the extent that they may find themselves driving faster than normal. When this happens, anyone can get themselves in danger. If a motorcycle driver hits you, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. You may also like to browse some websites to get legal advice from the top legal lawyers Robert K Bratt regarding road traffic accidents remedies.


Like alcohol, it is well observed that illegal drugs can have adverse effects on driving habits. However, it can be often overlooked by drivers, that even prescription medication can slow reaction times and lead to road traffic accidents. Over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines and cold medication can have a negative effect on a driver’s ability and must be taken with care.

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