The Evolution Of Aston Martin

Aston Martin Infographic

Aston Martin are a British icon in the Motoring Industry. Their reputation for incredible cars is appreciated around the world.

Formed following a successful Aston Clinton Hillclimb in 1914, Aston Martin have flourished over the years. Starting to develop its recognisable look and feel with the Atom in 1939, they developed a powerful image of class, speed and fun. These days only the top sports, music and film stars (or a select few) are rich enough (or lucky enough) to own one.

You may think that you know everything about Aston Martin but then again maybe you don’t. What was the original badge? Why was the International produced? Who can claim to have had the biggest influence on the company? Well here are the answers and more thanks to this detailed infographic from our friends at Autoweb.

What more is there to say other than…enjoy!

Aston Martin Evolution Click to enlarge