Chinese Automaker Geely Takes On Tata Nano

Since its launch in India in 2008 at the headline-friendly price of around $2,200, the Tata Nano microcar has provoked violent manufacturer uprisings, disquieting safety reports, withering scorn from environmental groups and back orders through 2011.

Major automakers were caught flat-footed,and are only now remapping the bottom of their product lines to accommodate a super-low-price People’s Car.
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All-electric Volvo C30 project presented for the first time

Volvo Cars’ ambitious electrification strategy has quickly produced concrete results. In addition to the market introduction of a plug-in hybrid in 2012, work is currently under way on evaluating the viability of an entirely electric-powered car known as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

In 2009, a small number of prototype versions of the C30 BEV have been built and tested internally by Volvo. In addition to focusing on performance and safety, much of the focus is on integration of the electric propulsion system with the rest of the car.

“The Volvo C30 is the first model we will try out with electric power. This car’s excellent properties in city traffic and its relatively low weight make it particularly suitable, since electric cars are primarily expected to be used in and around cities and for daily commuting,” says Lennart Stegland, Director of Volvo Cars Special Vehicles. Continue reading All-electric Volvo C30 project presented for the first time

Volvo Lifts the Lid on the New C70

Volvo has released images of its new C70 ahead of its debut at Frankfurt motor show later this month.

Equipped with the same smart three-piece steel roof, practical seating for four adults and world-leading convertible safety, the new C70 features a revised front and rear design, along with an updated interior.

“The Volvo C70 has classic convertible lines and a strong identity of its own. What we have done is to carefully redesign the front and rear so they harmonise more with both today’s and tomorrow’s Volvo models. We have also increased the exclusiveness of the materials and trim details to enhance the atmosphere of luxury and enjoyment inside the car,” explains Fedde Talsma, Exterior Chief Designer at Volvo Cars. Continue reading Volvo Lifts the Lid on the New C70