A European Christmas Road Trip

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Europe is one of the greatest destinations for experiencing a road trip. In Scandinavia, weather beaten coastal roads loop up into bridges along the Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea. In the Netherlands long stretches of open tarmac among tulip lined fields beckon the eager driver. Meanwhile, Alpine roads snake down from the cloud covered valleys in Switzerland and Austria and blue waves lap the black motorways along Italy’s scenic shores.

In winter however, the strong winds make the northern roads treacherous, the tulip fields of Holland are devoid of colour, the heavy snowfall makes Alpine roads impassable and the Italian coast is uninspiring in the grey drizzle. Continue reading A European Christmas Road Trip

Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster At Miami International Airport Runway

Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

January 28, 2013 at Miami International Airport five new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadsters sped down the south runway of the busiest U.S. airport for international flights. With special authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) and Miami-Dade County the Lamborghinis, for the first time ever, exceeded the passenger airliner takeoff speed on a runway which is between 150 mph and 180 mph. No current jet aircraft reaches 210 mph on the ground, the clocked speed of the 700-horsepower vehicles during the closed-course drive demonstration. Continue reading Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster At Miami International Airport Runway

Lamborghini Urus Concept

A fabulous carmaker such as Lamborghini may seem protected from the dull gray world of sales goals and economic cycles. Yet even supercar companies needs to stabilize the books of account, this is why Lamborghini promises to reveal the Urus sport utility concept at the 2012 Beijing auto show.

Even though nominally a concept, the Urus has already been placed by Lamborghini as the imminent sales leader, placed to help outpace the combined gross annual contribution of their midengine Gallardo and Aventador models. The company sold roughly 1,600 cars in Year 2011. In a news release, the car maker revealed 3,000 units as a feasible annual target for the S.U.V., with growing markets such as China and Russia making up a tremendous, if undisclosed, percentage of those sales.

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Audi Q3’s splendour as it does it in the dirt

IF there’s one certainty in a vehicle market that doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, it’s that SUV sales are going up. Every year for the past decade they have taken a bigger slice of the market, with the sole exception of 2006 when rising petrol prices forced a misstep.

Nevertheless, our appetite for these vehicles still has the capacity to surprise. This year they are outselling small hatchbacks and account for 28 per cent of vehicles bought. In 2003, it was less than 17 per cent. There are dozens more models available now compared with a decade ago and demand seems immune to bowser fluctuations.

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Lamborghini Recalling Murciélagos

Lamborghini is recalling 428 of its 2007–8 Murciélago and Murciélago Roadsters because welds holding the fuel pump inside the gas tank may fail as the result of a poor weld and owners driving aggressively.

If owners simply motored sedately the problem might not occur, according to a report the automaker filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Lamborghini said “stress generated by the back and forth movement of gasoline inside the fuel tank during lateral and longitudinal accelerations, accompanied by vertical vibration” could cause a spot weld to fail.
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