Toyota Prius C Launched in Australia From AUD 23,900

Today, Toyota Australia launched the Australia’s most affordable hybrid car and the best fuel economy in the city – Toyota’s Prius C.

Guess what? The new Prius C is priced from AUD 23,990 which is equivalent to RM 77,300. Precisely, this car is AUD 6,000 (after currency conversion: RM 19,333) less than Honda Insight in Australia. Well, I am started to feel lost about full exemption on import and excise duty for hybrid cars and EVs in Malaysia which valid until 2013. Is it now partial? Here in Malaysia, the Prius C priced at RM 97,000 OTR with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia.

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Toyota Launches Aqua – Smallest Fuel-Efficient Hybrid Car

Toyota launched its hybrid fuel-efficient small car model “Aqua” in Japan in the Tokyo Motor Show. The same model will be termed as “Prius C” in the United States where it will be launched in early 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show. This car has a higher fuel efficiency of 35.4 kilometer per liter as compared to Prius that has an average of 32 kilometer per liter, the highest offered efficiency by a car of this kind till now.
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The $41,000 Question: Is the Chevy Volt Worth the Money?

General Motors, after announcing on Tuesday that the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid car would cost $41,000, was unfazed by inevitable comparisons to the Nissan Leaf, a battery electric car that will arrive in select markets at the end of the year, around the same time as the Volt. At $32,780, the Leaf is far less expensive.

“Honestly, they’re two different vehicles,” said Dave Darovitz, a G.M. spokesman. “One is range limited, and the other one offers 40 miles of gas-free driving and then a further 300 miles of travel.”
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Fisker Karma: Ready to Roll?

Fisker Automotive finally closed on its $528.7 million Energy Department loan April 23, and now the biggest item on the to-do list is to actually produce its $87,900 plug-in hybrid car, the Karma, by the end of the year.

Fisker was founded in the summer of 2007, and many people have been eagerly anticipating the Karma. And why not? The car is undeniably attractive, with a compelling environmental story and (at least on paper) rip-roaring high performance. Henrik Fisker, the chief executive, is also a charismatic figure. But just months from the car’s debut, very few people outside the company have driven it. (The crown prince of Denmark got a Karma ride to a climate conference.)
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