Audi A8 wins the Euro Car Body Award

Audi has once again raised the bar with regard to body manufacturing. In the scope of the 12th International Car-Body Benchmarking Conference, the Audi A8 surged ahead to win the Euro Car Body Award – the world’s most distinguished award for innovations in body manufacturing. Over 500 experts and a jury of specialists gave top scores to Audi’s top-of-the-range model.

Leading body-manufacturing experts convene once a year in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Here they discuss trends as well as scrutinize numerous body shells and series-production vehicles prior to the conference highlight: selecting the world’s most innovative series-built body. In late October, 520 specialists from 22 countries attended this year’s event, organized by the Automotive Circle International. Along with a jury of specialists, they evaluated 14 of the latest series-production vehicles. The result? The Audi A8 was not only victorious, but also set a new record by earning 41.11 out of a possible 50 points to secure first place with ease.
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