Stretched Mercedes E-Class Wagon by Binz

Binz is a German company whose sole skill is stretching Mercedes Benz cars for no obvious reason! They usually do this to Mercedes sedan models, but this time they went ahead and stretched an E-Class station wagon. Although in Binz’ mind they have probably made the ultimate family car, it seems to make a rather perfect hearse.

This E-Class has a length of 5.75 meters now and has boot that you literally can play football in. If you look at the pictures you can see the rear axles has been moved from its normal position and sits about a meter farther to the rear doors. That is a very big change and requires lots of structural work, or the car would fall to pieces. No wonder then it took them nearly two years to get around making it.

And it’s not a concept or a show car either. You go to Binz with a check for €80K and they will happily make you one. You can choose any of the engines Mercedes uses in the E-Class range. They also offer an orange special edition, which is, well, interesting.