Score More Profits with a Fleet of Chevy Express 1500 Cargo Vans

Chevy Express 1500 Cargo VansHey business owners, did you know that having a comprehensive look at all of your business vans actually increases profits? Imagine this: You purchase a fleet of 2013 Chevy Express 1500 Cargo Vans and customize them with your logo. This actually makes you money. It may sound expensive, but with all the free marketing, you’ll likely make back your investment, plus some. That’s a good reason to start a fleet, don’t you think?

Bulk Discounts

Most dealerships offer a discount when you buy a fleet of vehicles. How could they not? Instead of coming onto their lot and buying only a single vehicle, you’re coming onto their lot and buying an entire fleet of vehicles. Make contact with your dealership to find out what discounts are available to you.

Cargo Vans

You have an abundance of vehicle options for your fleet. Anything a dealership sells, you can likely purchase in a fleet. Just ensure that you’re only considering vehicles that fit into your business. It wouldn’t make sense to have contractors driving around Ferraris. For businesses that require a van, the Chevy Express features a haul mode on the instrument panel.

If you’re looking to get your sales people, or office workers, in a similar car, you could opt for a smaller compact car. If you’re running a pool cleaning business, the Chevy Express has ample room for your gear, plus room for multiple employees.

Customizing Your Fleet Vehicle

Companies offer customizable large vans, for hauling cargo and passengers. When you purchase a fleet vehicle through a company like this, you’ll be able to customize it on the spot. You can add your business logo, contact information and more to the body of the vehicle. This means you’re targeting customers the moment you drive off the lot.

Customers will see your phone number and business name and they’ll call you. It’s that simple. If you don’t opt for customization, you’re missing out on the free advertising. Ask your dealer how you can include the price of customization into the overall cost of the fleet.

Managing Your Fleet

Once you’ve purchased and customized your fleet, it’s important to set up some management. You want your fleet to generate business and save you money, but that can’t happen if anyone is abusing their car. Hire someone or promote someone to your fleet manager to ensure your fleet is being looked after.

You’ll want to ensure cars are being signed in and out. This will ensure no one is using one of the vehicles for personal use and thus adding mileage and gas costs to your bills. It’s also a good idea to set up a system for quality control, such as weekly fleet checkups and more. The Chevy Express van comes with an oil life monitoring system, as well as a battery with rundown protection. Ensuring that fleet vehicles are properly used and cared for is the best way to ensure your fleet lasts a long time.

Assessing Profitability

When you begin to make more money, you may not be entirely sure that your new fleet is what’s generating additional sales. Ask receptionists and sales people to follow up on leads, by asking how the customer heard of you. If they mention that they saw your ad on a vehicle, then you’ll know it’s your fleet that landed you the sale.