Robert Downey Jr’s Newly Charmed Lifestyle Revealed by His Rides

Those of us old enough to remember the wreckage of Robert Downey, Jr’s younger life will recall his run-ins with the police. Chief among these run-ins were his misadventures with the California Highway Patrol. Downey was always known for liking fast cars. Combining this love of speed with his former addiction to drugs meant he had many vehicular legal problems that haunted him for years. One can speculate that if he’d driven by himself in an off-road half-ton through the middle of the desert, he would have still ended up trying to¬†find a truck accident attorney.

Those Days are Long Behind Him.
Once again on the short list of powerful Hollywood stars, he caused a lot of commotion with his recent appearance at the Avengers’ US opening in Tony Stark’s $9,000,000 Acura NSX Roadster. The Acura NSX Roadster features a palladium powered 80,00 32 valve titanium block engine with nitrous fuel injection. The Acura Roadster was designed as a concept car for the film, but is now about to be manufactured for the public. No word yet if it will offer Stark’s chosen upgrades of a palm-scan ID steering wheel, enviro-clone projected exterior hologram, self-detonating reconnaissance drone and a night-seeing HUD windshield.

In Real Life
Downey does own a very impressive group of cars and has just signed a lucrative promotional deal with Nissan International, he is most often seen driving around his adopted hometown of Malibu, California in his sporty blue Bentley. His wife, Susan Levin-Downey takes her turn behind its wheel. The couple also owns a green matte Flying Spur Bentley with a saddle interior.

Cool Money Makes for Hot Cars
Many movie fans don’t realize that, due to his past spotty record, Robert Downey Jr actually had to audition for the first Ironman film. This is rare for stars of his caliber. Fans also don’t know that he was only paid $500,000 for the film, which is about what an average main TV actor makes per episode. With growing faith of movie money men in his rehab, Downey’s income has skyrocketed. He earned $50,000,000 for the Avengers film.

With that kind of money, we can only imagine the amazing luxury cars in his future. Whether Acura or Bentley, he’ll likely not wreck them. We can also be sure he won’t be looking to find a truck accident attorney anytime soon.