Piloted driving

audi piloted driving

It is not at all uncommon to see words like “revolutionary” or “groundbreaking” being used in the automotive industry.

The global auto industry is moving rapidly toward an era when drivers won’t be required for driving.

Audi has set out to fundamentally change the way we operate our cars. And to improve it. . Economists, policymakers and auto executives believe “driverless” cars will dramatically improve transportation safety and significantly cut emissions.

The biggest hindrance to this scenario will not stem from any limitations in autonomous-driving technologies but rather from legal, political, infrastructure, regulatory and liability factors that all need to be addressed as the developed world makes the most significant switch in its automotive paradigm in over a century.

After 550 miles on the road, the Audi A7 piloted driving concept fascinates while reaching its goal Las Vegas. “Jack” was able to completely convince the journalists with its autonomous driving mode.

Our ability to enjoy deciding for ourselves on the road becomes less enjoyable when we are weaving through heavy traffic and the constant stop-and-go demands our full attention.

The company has been performing tests for a full 15 years at various locations, including on the race track, the toughest test laboratory. Assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, active lane assist and others form the cornerstone and have long proven themselves in volume production.

Piloted driving will help relieve the strain of driving and provide greater safety in road traffic while also solving infrastructural traffic problems. Traffic jams can be made a thing of the past by synchronising driver data and ensuring a continuous connection in piloted cars with each other and with their surroundings.