What is the Difference Between an SUV and an MPV?

Sports Utility Vehicle

A Sports Utility Vehicle is otherwise known as an SUV. Designed to travel over some of the roughest surfaces on the planet, Sports Utility Vehicles are currently a leading car type in the motor industry. Although a typical SUV is seemingly larger than an ordinary car with its stronger, more sporty appearance, they can actually often be amongst the easiest motors to drive. Continue reading What is the Difference Between an SUV and an MPV?

How to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty

If you’ve just bought a car, or are dealing with an older, pre-owned vehicle, it’s possible that breakdowns and accidents are the last thing you’re thinking about. However, as a smart vehicle owner, the worst-case scenario should never be far from your mind. If you’ve bought a car pre-owned or if you’ve begun to notice signs of wear and tear on your vehicle, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing an extended auto warranty. Not only will you be safeguarding yourself against the future, you’ll be protecting your car from anything that might happen on the road. Read on to find out how you can purchase the best extended auto warranty for your used, certified pre-owned, or older vehicle. Continue reading How to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty

4 Great Family SUVs To Consider Buying

A family SUV is not necessarily a large, powerful or stylish vehicle. It is the SUV that is a perfect fit to specific buyer needs. Various requirements might exist from hauling an increased number of passengers to towing camping trailers for weekend getaways. There are also many SUV shoppers that are highly prizing the fuel economy over vehicle size or power over maneuverability. Some will want to buy an SUV that is good at as many things as possible. It is hard to recommend the very best fit in your case but the family SUVs chosen by What Is SUV specialists are most likely a great fit. Continue reading 4 Great Family SUVs To Consider Buying

Three Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Used Car

We all want a little luxury in our lives, so for most of us the decision to purchase a used car over a much more expensive newer model is almost a no brainer. In automotive terms, used is a car that has already had an owner, and so already has their mileage on the clock. That said, factors such as reliability, part pricing and safety should all remain on your radar when looking into buying a used car. Continue reading Three Things to Consider When Buying a Luxury Used Car

The History of the Ford Mustang

If there is one car that needs no introduction, it is the Ford Mustang. An iconic automobile that has maintained an association with the ultimate in everything cool, young, powerful and fast. Car enthusiasts will know much about the specs, but what about its history? How did this one car become the emblem it is today? Let’s go through the history the of the Ford Mustang to learn how it was an instant hit, and how it has continued its success more than 50 years later. Continue reading The History of the Ford Mustang