Mercedes Benz Wheels Buying Tips


After having bought a swanky Mercedes for yourself, you face some more exciting purchases. Some of these choices could include:

  • Your stereo system.
  • The headlights.
  • Performance boosters and
  • Some wheels as well.

Of course you have stock wheels on your Mercedes Benz but you can also shop around for some more choices. Thanks to the abundance of choice when it comes to wheels for your beloved Merc, you can have a delightful time looking for and finding the perfect products. Here are a few things you can keep in mind.

Discard replicas

Yes, they may be cost effective. Yes, they may look great. Yes, the untrained eye cannot really tell the difference between genuine and replica or counterfeit. But – none of them are good enough reasons to buy fake wheels. It is only genuine Mercedes wheels that will:

  • Result in safe driving.
  • Enhance the stability that the Mercedes is famous for.
  • Support the tires of your car perfectly.
  • Be durable and perform at their best for many, many years to come.

There are quite a large range of products that are certified by Mercedes or Mercedes Benz and these are the wheels that you should look for.

Size counts

Mercedes Benz wheels can start from 16 inches and go to 22 inches and so on. The biggest aspect to consider when it comes to choosing from the different sizes of wheels out there would be the make and model of your Mercedes car. So before you start looking at the different sizes, ask your mechanic to tell you what is the size or options of sizes that are compatible with your specific car. The choice would vary even according to the year of manufacture of your car.

It is also interesting to note that Mercedes itself has a size guide. You can definitely tap into this online source. Or you can look for the website of a well-established company or online seller of wheels and then use their mobile app or online tool to figure out which size of wheel you should be looking at.

The aesthetics

Wheels are no longer standard, stock or boring options. You can pick up wheels for your Mercedes Benz depending on their finish too. Some of the choices are:

  • All black wheels.
  • Shiny, silver finish.
  • A subdued and classy gunmetal finish.
  • Chrome wheels which are a popular choice as well.

Take a look at the images of each of these wheels and if possible get a look at them in your showroom as well. Pay attention to the color of your Mercedes Benz so you choose the perfect complement when it comes to wheels.

Another interesting aspect to look at is the number of spokes in the wheels. Mercedes wheels can come in a 5-spoke formation or ones with multiple spokes. There is a huge market for used Mercedes wheels as well. It is practical to go scouting for your wheels in this space but do be careful about your choices. You will have to know exactly how to assess the quality of wheels before you purchase them.