McLaren Mercedes MP4-29, our 2014 Formula 1 car with F1 engine


Of all the changes in store for next year’s Formula One World Championship, few are as hotly anticipated as Honda’s return as an engine supplier to the McLaren team. And with the current season drawing to a close, Honda has tweeted two images of the current car running its new engine.

2014 marks a technical sea-change for Formula 1 cars. Gone are normally aspirated engines – a Formula 1 mainstay for a quarter of a century; in their place come 1.6-litre V6 power-units, which sophisticatedly integrate turbo-charging and turbo-compounding, fuel-flow restrictions, and a powerful energy recovery system (ERS).

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Although mid-season testing away from officially sanctioned test sessions is strictly verboten, this particular film session undertaken at Silverstone was apparently allowed under publicity regulations that would permit the team to run the car for no more than 100 kilometers (62 miles). The car was wearing demonstration tires and piloted not by Button, Magnussen or official test driver Stoffel Vandoorne of Belgium, but by backup driver Oliver Turvey, an up-and-coming driver with GP2 and Le Mans class wins under his belt.