Mazda Shinari Concept: Best in Flow

Introduced on Wednesday: Mazda Shinari

What is it? A design concept utilizing what Mazda calls the Kodo (“Soul of Motion”) theme. According to Mazda, Shinari is a Japanese word that “describes the powerful yet supple appearance of great resilient force when objects of high tensile strength, such as steel or bamboo, are twisted or bent.”

What makes it tick? For now, its power comes solely from sheet metal curves and twists that give the illusion of movement and speed.

How much, how soon? This is the automotive equivalent of “a tell” in poker. As in, the Shinari won’t see production, but its design elements, lines and style hint at what Mazda has planned for future vehicles.

How’s it look? Pure, unadulterated sex appeal. (Need a cold shower? Just turn your thoughts to a Mazda minivan.)