Indicators, mobile phones and parking charges a huge irritation to British motorists

Recently, a survey was conducted into the habits of British motorists and the information that surfaced showed what drivers really hated about driving a vehicle in the United Kingdom. One parking website conducted the research and what they found was that other drivers being inattentive while talking on mobile phones, not using their indicators and huge charges to park were amongst the most annoying aspects of driving, according to those polled.

In the UK, the number of cars on the roadways has risen more than 16% since the turn of the century, which means that frustration is growing over these inconsiderate habits. This parking site found this after having set out to find out what irritated British motorists most.

In the study that was commissioned by the website, YourParkingSpace, an even number of men and women totalling 1028 drivers altogether were asked what annoyed them most about being a driver in the United Kingdom. The results clearly indicated that the number one response was improper or non-use of indicators. Coming in at a very, very close second was talking on a mobile phone making for distracted driving.

The results showed rankings as follows:

  • Not indicating – 72%
  • Use of mobile phones – 71%
  • Horrible parking habits and excessive charges– 56%
  • Excessively heavy traffic – 52%
  • Drivers holding traffic up driving slowly – 42%
  • No parking– 40%

While both men and women were most irritated by not indicating, men were more likely to be frustrated by slow drivers. Both found speaking on a mobile phone equally irritating. In the research, it became evident that both a lack of spaces as well as excessive costs were equally maddening.

The study actually goes a bit more in depth so, for more information click here. This is where you can also see figures like the following when drivers responded to being asked what they felt about the cost of parking where they live and work. The survey found that:

  • Parking fees were too costly – 48%
  • Some found them reasonable – 20%
  • Availability of free parking – 23%

The survey also found regional differences based on where those motorists live. For example, in England more than 40% of motorists were unhappy with parking costs, but in Scotland that number equalled 29%. And, as an aside, Scotland also reported the highest number of free parking slots around the UK.

When asked for his thoughts, Harrison Woods, YourParkingSpace managing director said that they found it “interesting” to get a look at the psyche of the average British driver. He further stated that not only is it irritating to others on the road when a motorist fails to indicate but it can lead to a very dangerous situation.

In closing, he also added that they weren’t at all surprised to find that at least 40% of drivers became totally irritated when they couldn’t find a parking space and a very large portion of those they surveyed found the cost of parking ‘excessive.’ With parking at a premium in most cities and those parking spaces available getting smaller almost by the day, he feels an added irritant is that cars are getting bigger, making it even harder to find a parking space. All totalled, British drivers can get fairly well annoyed.