How to Maintain a Ford Fusion

2013 Ford Fusion

Do you have a Ford Fusion? If so, you’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance if you want it to last a long time – and Ford Fusions can last. Like all cars, owning a Fusion requires maintenance to keep it running the way it should. In addition, if you need Ford License Plate Frames for your Ford Fusion, you can get it at your nearest Ford dealer.

You’ll need to protect the Fusion’s engine, but also have it regularly serviced according to the manufacturer’s schedule of service. This isn’t just for the longevity of the car, but also to protect your car’s warranty. If you get in the habit of having your Fusion’s main systems examined regularly, you’ll avoid problems before they become costly repairs.

Oil Changes

You should have your Ford Fusion’s oil changed regularly. Luckily, this model features a handy oil gauge and an alert system. The car’s Oil Life Monitor reads your oil levels and will alert you when it’s time to have the oil changed. In the car’s guide book, the manufacturer recommends listening to the car and changing the oil when the indicator tells you to.

Keeping the Exterior

The exterior of the Ford fusion is amazing to look at, with its high-end grille, chrome accents and striking headlights. In order to maintain the Fusion’s visually appealing detailing, you’ll need to have it regularly washed and waxed. Furthermore, you’ll want to be careful when backing out and into spaces.

Check with your local mechanic to inquire about rear-end repair pricing. According to Alex L. Dykes’ Review, “rear-end repairs will be more costly than sedans with a more traditional bumper protrusion.” It’s important to know just how costly these repairs will be, should an accident occur.

For local residents it’s a good idea to check The Local Book for local Georgetown auto repair shops. If you do more driving than the average person, you’re going to need oil changes and tire rotations more frequently.

Brake System

The Fusion Hybrid has really innovative brakes, with Regenitive Braking Technology. It’s important to inquire whether or not your mechanic is familiar with this brake system. When you brake, using the Fusion Hybrid, the car is able to recover 90% of the energy used and send it back to the battery pack.

Your brakes are a complex system that requires careful and scheduled inspection by a trained professional. Your break inspection should include maintenance and inspection in each of the following areas:

  • Brake pads
  • Rotors
  • Brake lines
  • Brake hoses
  • Drums

Cooling System

Georgetown residents know all about hot summers and freezing winters, that’s why it’s important to keep your Fusions cooling system properly maintained. Of course, the cooling system is less about keeping you cool, than it is about keeping your Fusion’s engine cool. A cool engine means your car will function properly for longer – this means heat through the cold winters, air conditioning in the summer and a working car all year round. Broken ac repair also be done in almost all of the car service centers in the country.

Every few thousand miles, you’ll want to have the cooling system inspected thoroughly. This includes all of the hoses and reservoirs. If you notice your Fusion is running hotter than normal or the cooling system indictor is showing a problem, you’ll want to schedule maintenance as soon as possible.

Steering Gear

Last, but certainly not least, the Focus’ steering gear was recalled in the 2013 model. It’s important to have your mechanic take a look at your steering gear. This is going to ensure your 2013 model isn’t one that still requires the repair. Ford will cover the cost of replacing the steering gear and you can rest assured you won’t fall victim to an accident caused by loss of steering control.