Ferrari launches the 458 Italia at the Good Wood Festival of Speed

Ferrari proudly showcased the 458 Italia to the British crowd at the Good Wood Festival of Speed and it became an instant hit among the crowd. The Italia is a beautiful work of engineering and exterior designing and was eagerly awaited to be unveiled.

Apart from the 458 Italia, Ferrari also unveiled the California 30. Both cars are based on Ferrari’s latest technology and both are superb, in all aspects. The 458 Italia is a mid engine, two seat vehicle and the car has an aluminum body frame, hence keeping the weight in check.

The Italia is feature rich and performance wise it is a monster, when it comes to design, the Italia is poised to attract with its killer looks. The smart and savvy front grille, the expressive front lamps, the mean look, the larger rear wheel, everything is poised to kill.

The Italia Spider is lighter than the hardtop version by 25 kg, due to the lack of the aluminum roof. This comes to the vehicle’s advantage as it shaves a few seconds off the 0 – 100 mph time limit.

The Spider is quieter than the soft top version and is economical as well. The Italia is the higher powered car among the two launches at Good Wood. However, both the vehicles enjoyed appreciation and Ferrari is set to launch the vehicle by the end of the year.

Bookings for the cars have already started and Ferrari plans on delivering the first batch of cars by year end. Responses have been great so far and Ferrari is optimistic about car sales in the region.

The Italia is powered by a 490 HP, turbo charged, oil cooled V 8 and powerful is a shy term when it comes to comparison with different cars in this segment. Ferrari has worked a lot on this model and hence a lot is expected via sales.

The car has an additional 30 HP and weighs 30 kg less than the hard top Italia. This was managed by the engineers from Ferrari, by the use of modern technology and smart aluminum bending strategy, which reduced a certain amount of weight, effectively.

The cars are soon to be tested at the race track at Good Wood and the Italia is poised to score well. The car has a powerful engine and the aerodynamics is designed to face track racing. Speed comes naturally when you are behind the wheels of the Spider but the Good Wood track is a little different from the conventional race tracks. This is mainly due to the fact that this track is on a mountainous patch and hence, the terrain is more challenging.

However, the engineers from Ferrari are confident of the car’s performance on the Good Wood track. This is going to be the most spectacular sight in all of the festival and car lovers have been waiting eagerly for this spectacular sight for a long time. It is high time the Italia shows the world what it is capable of. The other cars to hit the track are the Ferrari FF, Scuderia and the California 30 C.