Ferrari FF, an All-Wheel-Drive Shooting Brake

The newest entry in Ferrari’s legacy of V-12-powered coupes is not a coupe.

The Italian supercar manufacturer held a Web-only preview on Friday of the FF, nominally a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti four-seat grand tourer but in fact an altogether different machine.

Its shooting brake body style, distinguished by a slightly squared-off rear end, casts the FF’s rear quarters in closer stylistic company with cars like the Alfa Romeo Brera hatchback or the BMW Z3 Coupe than with other members of Ferrari’s model range. Though its profile would suggest otherwise, the car carries only 53 percent of its weight on the rear wheels — due in no small measure to the 12-cylinder counterweight up front.

Under the FF’s hood sits a recalibrated long-stroke version of the 6-liter V-12 in Ferrari’s 599 GTB Fiorano, here displacing 6.3 liters and producing 651 horsepower at 8,000 r.p.m. (to the 599’s slightly lower 620 horsepower at 7,600 r.p.m.). Despite the clear familial link, said Matteo Sardi, a Ferrari spokesman, the FF’s V-12 should not be read as the spawn of the 599’s engine.

“It’s like the F430 versus the 458 Italia,” he said in a telephone interview, referring to the evolution of one $200,000 Ferrari hypercar to its next generation. “It’s completely new.”

What is undisputed is the FF’s all-wheel-drive system, a Ferrari first. The system, called 4RM, is said to be 50 percent lighter than similar systems, and was honed in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, at Italy’s Nardo racetrack and in the more northerly latitudes of Sweden and Finland.

With the FF’s rear seats folded there’s more than 28 cubic feet of cargo space, Ferrari says. The car should sprint to 62 miles an hour in 3.7 seconds, Ferrari claims, and can reach a 208 m.p.h. top speed. Stopping power is provided by carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes.

“It’s definitely a departure,” Mr. Sardi said of the FF, which was shaped by Ferrari’s historical design partner, Pininfarina. “And it doesn’t really have direct competitors, considering the V-12.”

Mr. Sardi said that while pricing has yet to be announced, orders are being taken and North American deliveries should begin at the end of the year. The FF’s formal debut will be held during the press preview days of the Geneva auto show, on March 1 and March 2.