Driving Games or Driving Days?


What’s better, going out and joining in some fabulous driving games or relaxing on an easy-breezy driving day? That’s what we’re going to investigate in this article and come to terms with the benefits of both. When all’s said and done, they’re both awesome driving experiences for different reasons.

The Magic of Driving Games

Imagine being able to strap into a car you’ve only seen on TV or the movies and feeling the engines roar. Picture yourself taking in the thrill of a single-seater sports car going full-speed around a professional track? Or, how about hopping into a complete hoopty and getting out some serious road rage smashing into others at a junkyard derby. That last one was just a joke, but those really have their place as well.

Most people are shocked to find out it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to race a dream car like the big dogs in a safe environment. Seriously, what if you found out that you could easily drive an incredibly powerful Italian masterpiece like a Lamborghini or Ferrari? How about an iconic British sports model, or the most high class high-speed vehicles in the world like an Aston Martin V8 Vantage? Now we’re talking the stuff that dreams are made of, especially for anyone who truly appreciates driving games.

  • Coaching: Before you buckle up and hit supersonic you’ll get professional coaching from top notch driving coaches. How awesome is that? You’ll learn how to drive in ways that very few people get to experience.
  • Starter Cars: Also, before you get into one of the most powerful cars on earth, you’ll begin in a rookie car that’s easier to handle and learn the ropes. This is also a powerful education that can translate onto the dangerous everyday roads we drive…no kidding.
  • Safety Training: Learn how to take those tight corners, ride through skids (applicable for drivers that live in colder icier climates) and begin to handle a car like the circuit pros. All of it without breaking the bank.

Soul-Refreshing Driving Days

Then of course on the other side of the coin is the ability to drive amazing cars for a day to simply cruise. It’s about taking the scenic highway in a car the likes that Hollywood idolizes. How about some off-roading perhaps? No one has to know it isn’t your ride, unless they ask of course.

Or, the beauty of driving days whether you’re on a bike or in a car is that they can just be all about you. They rejuvenate you. They bring freedom into your life, even if just for a day or three out on the open road. The driving experience has been with us for a while now, and really exemplifies the beauty of the relationship between human beings and the machines we create to complement our lives.

  • Tip: Now, music definitely has its place when it comes to driving. But sometimes, driving days can be so much more with just the sound of the engines and the wind whizzing by. Roll them down, stick your elbow a little out the window listen to a completely different kind of rhythm.
  • Tip: Maps are awesome, but sometimes they’re completely over-rated. Hey, we have GPS but what about not knowing exactly where you’re headed for a change? Add a smidgen of spontaneity to your next easy-ride driving day!
  • Tip: Don’t leave unprepared. Make sure to bring some snacks so you can stay in the driver’s seat. Fill up the tank so you can avoid the rest stops for a while and be sure you’ve got a spare in the trunk!

Get out and take your driving experiences to another level. Look into driving games if you’ve never been and set aside more time for driving days because life is short! Enjoy it.