Don’t Overlook These Classy Car Customizations

customized cars

Car detailing is a unique process and one that we fully embrace! With any customization, like adding vehicle decals or car wraps, it’s important to make sure that it is high quality, well installed, and most importantly, doesn’t look out of place. That’s why today we’re going to look at some classy car upgrades that, when done right, will add flair to your vehicle without appearing too gaudy.

Exterior Upgrades

Exterior Lights – Once the purview of only the ultra-serious car customizer who had money to burn. Now these lighting options are available for prices that make them an excellent choice for all. HID (high-intensity discharge) and LED (light-emitting diode) lights are becoming more and more common, and with the right kit can add a classy touch to your exterior.

Window Tints – An auto window tinting is a combination of style and function. Window tinting can make your car look amazing and can also filter the amount of light coming into your car from the outside. Window tinting is definitely a sort of simple upgrade that can be performed by you with the right equipment. You might think that the mysterious look is something that only sports cars can achieve, but auto glass window tinting works pretty well on just about any car style. Just make sure it’s legal in your state!

Roll Cage – If you’ve got a sportier car that you’re going to be racing with, go for it. It will make your ride safer when you’re engaged in high-speed activities.

Spoilers – Again, if you’re racing, this is a great idea for increasing your speed, even if it’s just a minimal increase. If you’re going to be putting this on an old Camry though, don’t bother! That completely kills the class factor.

New Wheels – Aftermarket wheels are acceptable, even laudable if you get the right ones. Make sure the style suits your vehicle, and you don’t go overboard by getting the absolute largest wheels you can fit on your ride!

A Winch – If you’re the outdoorsy type, with an outdoorsy vehicle (truck or SUV), a winch is a good upgrade for pulling things or getting your vehicle out of a tight spot. If you’re just driving your car around the city though – don’t bother with this one.

Custom Exterior – You could get a simple custom paint job: candy paint, iridescent paint, and the like. These are ideal if you like solid colors or simple patterns, and can even be mastered yourself if you have the patience to learn. If you are looking for something special, vehicle wraps such as car wraps, truck wraps, vinyl wraps, etc. are a great way to show your personality right on the outside of your car. With material like custom PVC Coated Fabric, people are able to get commercial vehicle wraps so their vehicle can become anything from a modern art masterpiece to a personal business advertisement on wheels. Definitely, a must have upgrade.

Interior Upgrades

Interior Lights – Just as with the outside, LEDs can be added to give the inside of your vehicle a whole new look. The range of colors is nearly limitless, so get creative.

Custom Audio – More often than not, the primary speaker system that comes with a vehicle is substandard. No need to fret, though, because reasonable quality aftermarket audio equipment is rather affordable, and can be installed with the help of a skilled professional. New speakers, a subwoofer, and perhaps some car stereo heads are exactly what the music lover needs.

Floor Mats – They come in all sorts of colors, designs, patterns, and materials, plus they’re an excellent way to protect your interior floors. No more scuffs and scratches that may need repairing, just replace the floor mat if it should get damaged.

Seat Covers – Like floor mats, but for your car seats. Again, these are available in different color and style varieties and provide a range of options for varied personal tastes.

Knob & Pedal Upgrades – Almost every little bit of the interior of your car can be customized, right down to the shifter knob and the brake/accelerator pedals. As with many of the other upgrades you can apply to your car, these are all about conforming to personal taste and making your car really feel unique.