How to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty

If you’ve just bought a car, or are dealing with an older, pre-owned vehicle, it’s possible that breakdowns and accidents are the last thing you’re thinking about. However, as a smart vehicle owner, the worst-case scenario should never be far from your mind. If you’ve bought a car pre-owned or if you’ve begun to notice signs of wear and tear on your vehicle, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing an extended auto warranty. Not only will you be safeguarding yourself against the future, you’ll be protecting your car from anything that might happen on the road. Read on to find out how you can purchase the best extended auto warranty for your used, certified pre-owned, or older vehicle. Continue reading How to Buy an Extended Auto Warranty

4 Great Family SUVs To Consider Buying

A family SUV is not necessarily a large, powerful or stylish vehicle. It is the SUV that is a perfect fit to specific buyer needs. Various requirements might exist from hauling an increased number of passengers to towing camping trailers for weekend getaways. There are also many SUV shoppers that are highly prizing the fuel economy over vehicle size or power over maneuverability. Some will want to buy an SUV that is good at as many things as possible. It is hard to recommend the very best fit in your case but the family SUVs chosen by What Is SUV specialists are most likely a great fit. Continue reading 4 Great Family SUVs To Consider Buying


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars heralds a colour palette with more than 44,000 options for the most discerning patrons. However, there is one client for whom the available options are not enough. Today, at The Quail, an Automotive Experience, in Pebble Beach, California, renowned car collector Michael Fux added another Bespoke colour to this palette with the addition of his eleventh Rolls-Royce Motor Car commission to his personal collection. The Rolls-Royce ‘Dawn in Fuxia’ was unveiled by Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, as part of the company’s activities at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the world’s premier celebration of luxury and automobiles. Continue reading ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CARS DELIVERS ON A BESPOKE COLOR CHALLENGE STEMMING FROM A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER

Things to Consider When Buying a Used Audi

The purchase of any new vehicle is a huge decision that is only dwarfed by that of buying a house. For many, a new vehicle represents autonomy, reliability and their sense of character. Even if the vehicle is not brand new, it is a new addition to someone’s life – and that means its functionality, reliability and style are all important. When it comes to any luxury make or model, it’s important to consider any specific problems, benefits and concerns before committing to any purchase. If you’re in the market for a used Audi, you’ll want to ask some questions before agreeing to any terms. We’ll review resale value, common Audi parts and repair, inspections and more. Continue reading Things to Consider When Buying a Used Audi

Cars for long road trips

Even with the poor weather, we are having recently, believe it or not, it is still summer. Long road trips during the summer require a reliable car that is up to the long journey d one with enough storage capacity for your suitcase and the kitchen sink.

1. Porsche Panamera

A stunning supercar with 4 doors and 4 seats. This stylish car was just made for long trips on the open road. The interior of this car is every bit as stunning as the exterior, but unfortunately, style doesn’t come cheap. A nearly new version of this car will cost you roughly between £50,000 and £110,000. Continue reading Cars for long road trips