How to approach motor vehicle debt

motor debt

There are some precautions to take

It is frequently seen among US consumers that it is those people who are already struggling to survive in a difficult economy who is mostly the ones that is making motor vehicle purchases which they actually cannot afford. The problem is that there are many motor vehicle dealers who will make use of every trick in the book to target especially those US citizens who are already struggling financially and they are hooking them with the possibility of ownership of a new vehicle which to many is a very strong temptation and therefore they commit themselves to an enterprise which is in many cases doomed to failure from the start. Continue reading How to approach motor vehicle debt

Pressure on the US consumer

us consumer

Increased spending

There are two expenditures which has shown a substantial increase over the last year or two and that is vehicle purchases and student loans. During this time however there was some decrease in credit card debts and in some ways this had a negative impact on overall economic growth so far this year. There has been an increase in consumer borrowing which has now reached a total of over $2.7 trillion which is apparently the highest level on record. Continue reading Pressure on the US consumer

3 Ways That New Car Owners Overpay


Cars are one of those things that you shouldn’t overpay for, but that most people do anyway. Much of this is because, though many people use cars everyday, few people have a real understanding of these complex machines. We have almost mystical relationships with our cars, hoping and praying that the sound we hear in the engine just kind of goes away on its own. People who don’t know much about cars are frequently the victim of sales tactics and marketing schemes that are meant to inflate the selling price of a vehicle, or overshadow design flaws which would disqualify the vehicle from prospective purchase. Short of getting a degree in mechanical engineering and studying the history of the world’s automotive models, here are three ways you can make sure you’re not overpaying with your car, current or future. Continue reading 3 Ways That New Car Owners Overpay

5 steps to get the best car finance with bad credit


Finding a fair deal on car finance with bad credit isn’t like searching for a needle in a field full of haystacks with easy to find companies  like Positive Lending Solutions online. There is a logical order to things sometimes. Finding good bad credit car loans might take a bit longer but it’s entirely possible – and worth it. Just keep in mind that bad credit car loans will usually attract higher interest rates than “regular” or mainstream car loans. Bill T from explains some of the steps you can take towards getting the best car finance. If you follow these steps, you could find a deal that will eventually reduce your debts in the long term. Continue reading 5 steps to get the best car finance with bad credit