Car Vs. Train: What’s The Best Transportation?

Car Vs Train

What is the best transportation available? Some swear by driving a car and some prefer commuting by train. Here are the reasons why one is better than the other.

Cars are better

Cars are the most convenient transportation option. It allows you the most independence in terms of choosing routes and itinerary. Since you are the one driving, you can choose to take the motorways or the country roads. You dictate the ease of travel, as well as your speed. Last minute itinerary changes are of no issue. You just take another exit or a detour and you’re already off to an adventure.

Driving a car also enables you to choose what car to take. You can choose a bigger car if you’ll be traveling with a lot more luggage or more people. You can choose a smaller car if you’ll only be driving city streets, where parking spaces are sparse. You can choose a faster car if you want to impress a girl, or your friends. You can opt for a more economical car if funds are an issue. Having said all that, cars offer the most mobility and ease of choice. To compare with trains, trains are limited by the rail routes. Travel itineraries depend on the rail infrastructure. Bringing a lot of luggage by train is difficult and complicated.

Trains are better

Trains offer the ease of traveling long spans without the effort of driving all the way. Traveling by train from one city to another or across the country is the most leisurely way of traveling. Thankfully, the country is connected by webs of rail infrastructure that enables tourists to travel without hassle. You can just relax on your window seat and enjoy the view of the country. In the city, commuting by train is the most convenient option. There are no traffic jams, nor road accidents, and you get to your destination in the quickest way possible.

Trains are also the greenest among all transportation options. Transportation by car or buses generates the most CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Imagine the tens of thousands of cars traveling in the city at any given day. This contributes to air pollution that can damage the ozone layer. In comparison, trains running by electricity generate no CO2. They can carry thousands of people from one point to another without contributing to air pollution.

There are pros and cons in driving a car and traveling by train. The question of which of the two is the better choice cannot be answered by one definite mode of transportation. Each mode applies to a different set of circumstances. In the end, the answer lies on the type of use you will need it for. Owning a car provides an advantage in terms of mobility and independence. Riding the train is the best option in terms of being environmentally efficient and ease of travel. Thus, the answer lies in every person’s individual preference and target utility.