Buying Motorcycle Parts Online


Purchasing a motorcycle is a big decision. You need to decide what you want from your biking experience, if you prefer a bike built for comfortable long rides or a sporty bike for racing or a small scooter that is less expensive and gets even better gas mileage. Once you’ve decided on and purchased a bike, you may think that your purchasing decisions are over, but that often isn’t the case. Many bike owners find that, once they own a motorcycle, they need or want additional parts. Whether you’re accessorizing your bike, getting a motorcycle repair, or upgrading one of its features, you’ll find that parts available for purchase fall into one of three different categories. You can check out It’s helpful to be familiar with the three different categories and their advantages and disadvantages.

OEM Motorcycle Parts

  • OEM is an acronym that stands for original equipment manufacturer. What this means is that parts that fall into this category are parts made by a company for that company. For example, OEM Suzuki motorcycle parts are made by Suzuki for Suzuki motorcycles. OEM refers only to new motorcycle parts, not to used ones. The largest advantage to buying OEM motorcycle parts is that they will fit your motorcycle perfectly, because they were made by the company for that same company’s bikes. The disadvantages are both that this is easily the most expensive option and OEM parts are often only carried by licensed distributors, so they can be both more difficult to find and pricier.

Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

  • Contrary to OEM motorcycle parts, aftermarket motorcycle parts are made by a third party. They are made to the same specifications as the OEM parts, so they will fit your motorcycle. The advantages to aftermarket parts are that they can be considerably less expensive and are carried by many retailers, so they are also easier to find. The disadvantages are that the different brands vary in terms of quality and price, so you may want to do a little research about a brand and its durability before deciding to purchase a part from that brand.

Used Motorcycle Parts

  • Used motorcycle parts are, by far, the least expensive option. Considerably lower priced than both OEM and aftermarket parts, they can be a good option for buyers trying to make their money go a little further. While it is certainly safe to buy used motorcycle parts online as well as in the store, some use of caution is to be advised. For example, it is safer to purchase motorcycle brakes either aftermarket or OEM than it would be to purchase used ones. In general, if it is a part that would affect the safety of your ride, you may want to consider paying a little more for aftermarket or OEM parts. For accessories and customizations, however, used motorcycle parts are an excellent idea. It is possible to find used motorcycle saddlebags or a used motorcycle seat in excellent condition that would greatly enhance your ride experience, but also not be a potential risk.

When in doubt, do a little research about the motorbike sales company from which you’ll be purchasing bike parts. Are they reliable? If they’re listed online, do they have good feedback and reviews from other buyers? What do you know about them? Once you’ve answered questions like these to your satisfaction, purchase in comfort and with the knowledge that you’ve made the best possible purchasing decision. Then, go out and enjoy the freedom of going for a ride. Life’s too short to not enjoy every moment you can.