Best Motors of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Motor Show

One of the biggest car shows in the word, the Geneva Motor Show, this year unveiled some of the most stunning, powerful and exotic cars in the history of the show which first opened its doors in 1905.

In terms of technology, one of the most interesting technological additions to the show was the cyclist detection technology that was showcased by Volvo.Although they already had pedestrian safety technology in some of their latest cars, the new safety scans the area ahead of the car, and if a potential collision is detected, the driver is warned before the full extent of the brakes are applied.

Although we can of course buy safety tyres from retailers such as Click on Tyres that curtail our stopping distances, the cyclist technology is a great step forward in car safety.

But which individual cars made an impression?

Lamborhini Veneno

Possibly a vehicle that only the 1% can afford, the Veneno is a powerhouse of a car with a 6.5 litre V12 engine under the bonnet, though if you’re interested, it will set you back £2.6 million plus tax.

With a top speed of 221mph, the car will be coming to the occasional road in 2013.

McClaren P1

One of the most innovative super-cars at the show, the car is almost bursting with technology that includes a 3.8 litre V8 engine combined with an electric hybrid motor.

Promising a 0-62mph acceleration of under 3 seconds, the car, although cheaper than the Veneno, will set you back the small sum of £866,000.

For those who can’t afford it, the 375 P1s is to be in production later in the year for those unable to afford the P1.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

For those who are interested in buying a more affordable car, the Golf GTI will be available from June and features a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. Interestingly, the car will feature two types, a standard 217 bhp output and a performance package version yielding 227 bhp.

Although understandably slower than the McClaren, the standard Golf reaches 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds.

Prices start at a more comfortable €28,350.

Volkswagen XL1

If however, the GTI isn’t quite quick enough for you, then maybe the XL1 will be. One of the most revolutionary supercars to debut at the show, the XL1 is officially the most fuel efficient production car in history and can reach a staggering 100 miles on just 1 litre of fuel.

Andrew English of The Telegraph says that:
“The XL1 is simply a paragon of energy efficiency: LED lamps, narrow-gauge wiring with electrical fuses, carbon-ceramic brakes, electric air-con/heater, a fully faired underbody and polycarbonate side windows with anti-scratch coatings.”

Both the price and availability of the car are yet to be determined, but with that in mind, the vehicle is muted to be the present future of all vehicles.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

A car that is still to win many critics over, the Wraith symbolises the most powerful car ever built by Rolls-Royce. With a V12 engine summoning 624bhp, the car can reach 62mph in a matter of 4.4 seconds.

Despite not impressing some, the car actually features a satellite-aided transmission, utilising GPS to keep track of which roads the driver is travelling upon.

Released in autumn, the car will be found with prices starting at €2450,000.